The Little-Known Part Soap Legend Genie Francis Played On The Young And The Restless

Despite being immensely popular for playing Laura Collins on "General Hospital" for several decades, Genie Francis has taken breaks to play other soap opera roles throughout the years. In 2011, Francis played the memorable Genevieve Atkinson on "The Young and the Restless." Australian mobster Colin Atkinson (Tristan Rogers) was married to her, and they had twin sons, Cane and Caleb, and a daughter named Samantha. Cane came to Genoa City posing as the deceased Phillip Chancellor III. 

The truth eventually came out that Phillip was alive in Australia, and he had sent Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) in his place who was escaping from a criminal gang called the "cattle mafia" that wanted him dead for turning them in. One of the gang, Blake Joseph (James Collier), came to town and blackmailed him for $5 million. Cane was surprised when Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) introduced him to her new boyfriend, Colin. His father wanted him to go back to Australia and rejoin the family's illegal enterprise, otherwise, he would reveal the fact that Cane was embezzling money from Katherine to pay Blake. Cane married Lily Winters (Christel Khalil), and soon told her about his sketchy past. He had befriended the real Phillip who helped him escape from Australia to hide in Genoa City. Upon hearing this, Lily broke things off with Cane. When Jill and Colin were getting married, he ordered Blake to shoot his son, who then died in Lily's arms. 

Genevieve soon arrived in town seeking revenge.

Colin had his own son killed

Colin was unaware that Cane's evil twin Caleb had taken his place, and died instead. Genevieve revealed that years ago, Caleb tried shooting Cane, and accidentally killed Samantha. Colin had soon kidnapped his grandchildren, and an argument ensued after he was led to a mansion where Genevieve was waiting. She pushed him, over a balcony and he ended up in the hospital. Cane rescued the children before the plane they were on exploded, and Colin was granted diplomatic immunity.

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Genevieve started flirting with each other, and he was intrigued by her business savvy. Jill and Colin continued their romance, and Jack and Genevieve started seeing each other as well. Genevieve later locked Colin in a wine cellar, and drained all of his money from various accounts. A furious Colin ordered a hit on Genevieve, and set a trap at their mansion, but Lily ended up going in there unwittingly. Luckily, Cane arrived just in the nick of time to get her out before the building exploded.

Colin was captured, and because his ambassadorship was a fake, there was no more diplomatic immunity to help him, and he got deported. Genevieve planned to marry Jack, but a woman named Patty Williams (Stacy Haiduk) had been posing as Genevieve's maid, Myrna, and several times tried to split up her and Jack.

Jack was eventually done with Genevieve

Patty tried killing Genevieve by rigging a set of stairs to collapse, but fortunately Jack caught her. Later, seeing an opportunity, Genevieve bought Victor Newman's (Eric Braeden) company, Beauty of Nature, before Jack could. He learned about the business deal and when they got to the altar, he lifted Genevieve's veil, and was shocked to see Patty, who then shot him. Patty was later captured and sent to a mental institution.

Genevieve tried to apologize to Jack, but he was done with her. Cane and Lily announced they were getting married again, but made it clear that Genevieve wasn't invited. They got married in France, with Genevieve watching from a hiding spot. Because she bought the company with insider knowledge, Jack filed a lawsuit against her, and the SEC got involved. Genevieve confessed that she'd used Colin's mob money to buy the company, thereby saving Cane from the Department of Justice as well. All of her money was taken, but she still had a secret account in Switzerland  which was starting to get drained.

Things got weirder as pictures of her children as kids were sent to her. Genevieve followed clues that led her to the hotel room of a woman named Shirl Claud. There, she found the room ransacked with blood everywhere. When the authorities suspected her of foul play, Tucker McCall (then Stephen Nichols) gave her money and helped her get out of Genoa City.