The View's Alyssa Farah Griffin Recalls The Moment She Knew Donald Trump Was 'Unfixable'

Alyssa Farah Griffin who served on the Donald Trump administration as communications director in 2020 and later resigned from her role, had some candid thoughts to share about the former president. 

While discussing Trump's June 19 appearance on Fox News on a segment for "The View" on June 20, co-host Farah Griffin shared that she tried to change things from the inside while working for him. Recalling the moment when she almost decided to leave the White House, the political strategist and television personality shared, "I don't know if it's naive or maybe it was hubris at the time — it's like, one or the other, maybe a weird mix of both. You thought you could make him better, you could convince him of what's right and what's wrong."

Griffin, who has also worked with former vice president Mike Pence, former chief of staff Mark Meadows, and Representative Jim Jordan, elaborated, "George Floyd, after his murder and the social justice protests that summer, I was trying to get him [Trump] to walk back a statement he made about saying, 'When the looting starts, the shooting starts.' I was like, 'Surely that's not what you mean. No one thinks we should be shooting people in the public square,' and he essentially said, 'No, that's what I mean, we're not walking it back.' That was the moment where I was like, 'Oh, this is not a fixable individual.' That was the first time I almost resigned."

Alyssa Farah Griffin: 'We did not swear an oath of loyalty to Donald Trump'

Farah Griffin's comments — present and past — have not gone unnoticed by the former president, who called out the former White House staffer in his Monday interview with Fox's Bret Baier. Trump said, "Something happens. When people leave, they can like me very much . . . I have this woman named Alyssa Farah, she said the greatest things long after she left . . . Then 'The View' offered her a contract, but obviously only if she changed her views, and all of a sudden, she can say negative things. Money gets offered to people and some people change."

Responding to Trump's comments about her, Farah Griffin shared that she did not swear her loyalty to Donald Trump but to the Constitution. Appearing on CNN for Anderson Cooper 360, she said, "I was Fox News on January 7, the day after January 6, 2021 where I denounced him and said he was unfit for office and should resign and I've done that every day since." 

Clarifying that she didn't join "The View" — which has taken some arguments too far — until nearly two years later, Farah Griffin continued, "Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand that those of us who served in his administration, we swore an oath to the Constitution. We did not swear an oath of loyalty to Donald Trump. I would never swear one to any politician. And I think he needs to realize, we don't owe him anything."