Prince George's Visit To Prince William's School Looks Like Possible New Royal Family Tradition

Like many parents, William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales, head out every afternoon to pick up their three children at the end of the school day. Currently, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are all students at Lambrook School. It's close enough to Adelaide Cottage, the Wales' the royal residence in Windsor, that Kate can take a 10-minute drive to bring her kids home every day. 

Previously, going away to boarding school was a rite of passage for young royals once they turned eight. Lambrook does provide a variety of boarding options for students aged seven to 13. King Charles went to boarding school and would like his grandkids to have this experience.However, George's parents have their own views. Back in 2021, when George was eight, a source told Us Weekly, "Kate and William are open to sending George to boarding school in the future and have already checked out a few, but they feel eight is a little young and want to wait until he's slightly older. They'd never force George to go unless he wants to and they feel it's right."

Two years later, it appears the right time may be on the horizon. On June 21, William, Kate, and George all took a trip to Eton College. In a few years, George may continue his lavish education as a pupil at his dad's alma mater.

Prince George might attend Eton College when he's 13

No matter how happy William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales, are with their children's education at Lambrook School, the school only teaches kids to age 13.If Prince George would like to go to Eton College, his father's old school, the family will have to decide soon. Since George will be 10 on July 22, Eton's deadline for his registration is June 30, 2023. After that, prospective older students can only attend if they receive a scholarship. At £46,296 per year, Eton's costs are about double the price of Lambrook's fees for older students. 

While King Charles went to Gordonstoun in Scotland, there is a lot of royal history with Eton. Before Princess Diana picked Eton for Prince William and Prince Harry, her father and her brother, Charles Spencer, both went there. In addition, although Queen Elizabeth never went to school and was educated at home, she did visit Eton for education in constitutional history. Three of Elizabeth's cousins were also Eton pupils. 

If George does attend and board at Eton when he's 13, he'll still be close to home, since the school is not far from Adelaide Cottage and Windsor. When William was a student at Eton, he frequently visited his grandmother when she was home at Windsor Castle.Besides enjoying the close proximity to his family, William also enjoyed time out of the public eye while he was at Eton, giving him an opportunity to be a regular kid.