Is My 600-Lb Life Star Steven Assanti Still Married To His Wife, Stephanie? Here's Their Story

Steven Assanti is one of the most memorable "My 600-Lb Life" stars, and not for a good reason. He originally appeared in season five, episode 13 of the docu-series, where he sought the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan to shed some pounds. Unfortunately, Assanti's "My 600-Lb Life" journey did not end well. His food and pill addiction stood in the way of his weight loss goals. The show sent him to rehab, but Assanti was ultimately booted from the program. After the show aired, Assanti seemed to land a stroke of luck when he met Stephanie Sanger, who would eventually become his wife. The two began dating in February 2018 after she saw Assanti's health journey on TLC's hit show.

Sanger says she made the first move, writing him on Facebook, which is how their relationship began. However, these days the couple has been quiet about their romance, leaving many to speculate that a low-profile split may have occurred.

The couple endured vicious social media rumors about their relationship

While it appeared that licensed massage therapist Stephanie Sanger was all about her relationship with TLC villain Steven Assanti, some fans were skeptical. When news broke that Assanti had found love, many believed he was being catfished by an online impersonator. Others thought Sanger might be using him for her personal gain. According to the mother and wife, neither of these claims were true.

During a June 2018 interview with Starcasm, Sanger says she was instantly attracted to Assanti despite his antics and was not in the least bit phased by him being on television.

"I was trying to find him because the moment I saw him on TV, I thought he was a beautiful person. And I wanted to know him not because of TV [but] because I knew he was my soulmate. I felt it, and I just had to find him," she explained to the outlet. As far as the rumors were concerned, Sanger revealed that neither she nor Assanti paid much attention to them. In fact, they found the inaccurate speculation humorous.

Stephanie Sanger has not shared any photos of Steven Assanti in years

In recent years, Stephanie Sanger nor her husband, Steven Assanti, have had much of a social media presence. Her last publicly viewable Facebook picture was an image of her dog shared in December 2022. Interestingly enough, the last photo of her and Assanti was shared on her profile in March 2019. Elsewhere on Assanti's Instagram profile, there is also no trace of Sanger other than in his bio, which does state that he is married. On his TikTok, which is filled with bizarre outbursts and clips, one video gives seemingly the most up-to-date confirmation that his marriage is still going strong.

"Yes, I'm a loser a majority of the time. Yes, I'm married, and I love my wife, and she loves me. Yes, I have a new family," Assanti stated in the December 2022 recording. In a separate video from May of this year, Assanti made no mention of his wife. Instead, he simply sang off-key into the camera, attracting dozens of comments pleading with him to seek help. Sanger's TikTok primarily documents her love for animals, with no clues as to her marital status. It looks like fans are left to assume their relationship status until the couple makes a public statement, which is unlikely to occur anytime soon.