5 Closet Must-Haves That Are Worth Splurging On

The innovations made within the fashion industry have allowed us to get our hands on almost every piece of clothing imaginable. With the introduction of fast fashion, our options range far beyond the usual items we can pick up at the mall or local boutique. Outside of the inhumane practices that fast-fashion companies such as Shein engage in, these clothes simply aren't built to last.

It's tempting to shop at these companies, particularly if you're on a budget or can't find your size in stores. However, building a wardrobe that stands the test of time is what you should be putting your money towards. Having a few closet essentials helps you to always look well put together without stressing too much about what to wear.

While you can certainly find some closet steals and staples at the thrift store and other second-hand shops, some pieces are worth investing in properly. Read ahead to discover the five closet must-haves you should always splurge on.

A little black dress (or jumpsuit)

There's nothing more classic than the little black dress. A quintessential staple in every woman's closet, a good LBD can be dressed up and down for every event. Whether you're attending a last-minute birthday dinner, getting drinks after work, or going to a business meeting, your LBD should be able to work for almost every moment in your life.

Since it needs to look both sophisticated and work-appropriate, springing for something that falls right above the knees and is slightly figure-hugging helps you to strike a delicate balance between elegant and professional. Something like this J. Crew Gwyneth Slip Dress can be worn with a blazer to a lunch meeting. Afterward, shed off the extra layer and add some jewelry to wear to cocktail hour.

The key to transitional wear is how you accessorize each look. While a watch or simple necklace makes your LBD work-appropriate, adding fun, retro jewelry elevates it into nighttime wear. If dresses aren't your thing, swap it out for a classic V-neck black jumpsuit.

A pair of straight leg jeans

If you were to peek into the wardrobes of everyone you knew, chances are you'd probably find a few pairs of jeans in most closets. The denim pants were originally created as workwear but have been transformed into every silhouette imaginable. However, a classic pair of straight-leg jeans should always be a staple in your wardrobe.

As a commonplace clothing item, shopping for denim isn't hard to do — you can pick up a pair of jeans after swinging by the cereal aisle in a Walmart or Target. Yet, many fast-fashion jeans often tailor to the current trends. Sure, those extra baggy jeans are cute now, but will you want to wear them in five years? If that's the same conversation you had with yourself about skinny jeans a decade ago, you should invest in straight-leg jeans instead.

Not only will a pair of Levi's 501 Jeans give your LBD the day off when opting for a more casual look, but they last far longer than fast-fashion jeans. Cheaper jeans aren't made from authentic denim, giving you a much shorter lifespan compared to a pair made from high-quality cotton.

An everyday tote bag

If you're into fashion or handbags are your obsession of choice, then you may have a purse for every outfit and occasion. It's easy to spot a gorgeous floral clutch for a wedding or a raffia bucket bag for a beach trip. However, a classic, everyday tote bag is the purse you should always spend your money on.

Your everyday bag should pair well with every outfit, is spacious, and is well-made. If it's something taken out with you often, it's bound to get a few dings and scratches here and there. While a well-accessorized canvas tote is a trendy handbag you'll be seeing everywhere in summer, a classic leather tote looks great every season.

A well-used bag that still looks good is a chic look — think Mary-Kate Olsen and her worn-in Birkin. Despite it enduring some scratches, it's not falling apart at the seams, allowing you to prolong its usage for much longer. Something like the Brandon Blackwood Everyday Tote can withstand your daily life while fitting everything you need and more.

A pair of neutral heels or loafers

Similarly to the other staple items, a solid pair of heels or loafers can help to elevate an outfit. Neutral heels and loafers are the types of shoes that every woman should have in her closet. They pair well with almost every dress or jumpsuit, eliminating the guesswork of what pair of shoes to wear to a wedding, brunch, or baby shower.

You can either choose between a loafer or heel or go for both in separate colors. While black patent loafers can be worn to meetings, interviews, and other professional events, you can slip on a pair of nude heels for all your post-work events. The standard black pump will forever be classic, but a nude heel is modern and versatile. As an added bonus, they also make you look taller. The Kahmune Becky Pump comes in a range of shades, with leather or suede finish options.

A classic trench coat

Aside from the LBD, the iconic trench coat completes an outfit like no other. Whether you're wearing a chic dress or a simple jeans and T-shirt combo underneath, it doesn't compare to the lengthy, waist-defining silhouette of a trench coat. The classic coat has long been a staple for chilly days, whether in the spring or winter.

Since most trench coats tend to be water-resistant, they're great for chilly autumn and winter, as well as rainy, cool spring days. While you don't have to spring for a pricy Burberry trench, pouring a bit more money into it rather than a mere pea coat or sweater will help your choice of trench to last for several winters to come.

Unlike a pair of jeans or shoes, a good trench coat can actually last you a lifetime if you get a proper one. The & Other Stories Classic Trench Coat has all the characteristics of your typical trench coat. Double-breasted with a relaxed fit, this beige coat can be dressed up and down.