Survey Uncovers Royal Fans' True Feelings About Prince Harry After Queen Elizabeth's Death

While his relationship with his father and brother may have deteriorated, by all accounts Prince Harry's relationship with Queen Elizabeth II was a warm and respectful one throughout her lifetime. The Duke of Sussex fondly called the monarch "my Colonel-in-Chief," per Us Weekly, and the queen reportedly enjoyed her grandson's humor and informality. Harry was probably the only family member who could have gotten away with changing her voicemail to say, "Hey, wassup? This is Liz..."

Still, the prince's actions since his exit from royal life haven't exactly endeared him to his family or the public, and the sentiment has only worsened since the September 2022 death of the queen. The months since then have brought Harry's accusation-filled memoir "Spare," the Netflix documentary "Harry & Meghan," and the drama surrounding the prince's attendance at King Charles III's coronation. In an exclusive YouTube poll, The List asked followers whether their opinion of Prince Harry had changed since the queen's death, and the response was, shall we say, unsurprising. 

Prince Harry may be losing fans

Nearly half — 44% — of respondents say they've come to feel more negatively toward Prince Harry in the last 10 months, and an additional 22% say they've disapproved of the prince even before Her Majesty's passing. Just 16% of The List fans have a more favorable opinion of the disgraced duke, and a paltry 5% say they like him more now than ever. The rest are neutral, or, as one commenter put it, "Is there a 'I haven't thought about him once since the queen died' option?"

Of the respondents to The List's poll who still support Prince Harry, many feel the royal is a good person making the best of a difficult life situation. "When I think of him walking alongside his mom's heart goes out to him. It must have had a hugely negative impact on him," said a commenter. Another expressed loyalty both for the prince and for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex: "Prince Harry is a wonderful human being and with Meghan's full support as his LOVING partner, he has been able to work more consistently with his passion issues: AIDS, landmines, mental health, online/internet well-being, mentoring youth, conservation & veterans." 

Commenters say Harry changed after marrying Meghan

The many anti-Prince Harry voters expressed their disgust for Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to conduct their Oprah Winfrey interview at a time when Prince Philip's health was failing, and then to proceed with publishing his memoir after Queen Elizabeth died. Many The List followers also blamed his marriage to Meghan for his downfall. "To be fair, before he married Meghan I thought he was a swell guy and could see him with Catherine and William making much needed changes," a reader explained. "As soon I saw their engagement interview, I knew something was off. Then my positive opinion of him just slowly went down the tubes." 

Others added the popular opinion that the prince has become a drama queen: "Honestly, he was the cooler royal before Meghan, but now, I find he's like the youngest sibling that needs attention all the time."