Meet HGTVs Michael Holmes Jr.'s Wife, Lisa Marie Holmes

If you were to hop on HGTV star Michael Holmes Jr.'s Instagram profile, you'd see plenty of heartfelt posts dedicated to his wife, Lisa Marie Holmes. It's clear that the Canadian contractor and builder — who appears with his notable father Mike Holmes in shows like "Holmes Family Rescue" and "Holmes & Holmes" — is very much in love with his partner. The two even hosted their own video series together called "Holmes At Home." In the series, the couple did what the Holmes family is known best for: Sharing tips on easily customizing and upgrading the home. 

But besides cameo appearances on the family's multiple shows from time to time, viewers only know a little about Lisa Marie. With a famous dad and multiple shows under his belt, HGTV fans know plenty about the background of Michael Jr., but it's time for viewers to learn more about his spouse, her career, and their life together. Allow us to introduce you to Mrs. Holmes!

Lisa Marie Holmes runs her own business

Improving the lives of those around her has always been one of Lisa Marie Holmes' goals, which might just explain why she and Michael Holmes Jr. are such a perfect match. In 2017, Lisa Marie graduated from the Naturopathic Medical School at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine after several years of hard work. Her husband praised her huge achievement in a Facebook post, writing, "Over the years Lisa has sacrificed so much for an education that will help serve many people in need. I have never met anyone who works so hard in my life & I couldn't be more proud of my girl."

Lisa Marie, who is from the Toronto area, is now a licensed herbalist, holistic health coach, and yoga instructor. She opened L'Apothicaire Botanique, a holistic health clinic in Georgian Bay, Ontario, in September 2021. According to her bio on the clinic's website, Lisa Marie "is a strong believer that movement is medicine, and by creating flow throughout the body, we can remove blockages and re-discover harmony."

L'Apothicaire Botanique offers alternative health services like naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and cupping, energy healing and reiki sessions, botanical remedies, and more. Lisa Marie, who was named business owner of the year during the 24th Annual Meaford Chamber of Commerce Community Awards in March 2022, described her business venture as reminiscent of a traditional apothecary and a "one-stop shopping [destination] for those looking to invest in preventive medicine as well as acute and chronic care," in conversation with The Meaford Independent

Lisa Marie Holmes had a dreamy wedding to Michael Holmes Jr.

The love story of Lisa Marie and Michael Holmes Jr. is something straight out of a fairy tale. They met in 2006 as teenagers and dated briefly before going their separate ways. Even then, it was clear that they had both found their forever person. "I remember it so vividly. At 18, I said to him, 'I think you're going to be the father of my children one day,'" Lisa Marie recalled to Hello! nagazine.

They rekindled their love in 2013 and finally said "I do" in 2017. The lavish wedding ceremony was attended by family, friends, and several HGTV Canada stars in Ontario's Blue Mountain region. Recalling her nuptials, Lisa Marie wrote in Make it Right: "Growing up I was never the type of girl that dreamt about her future wedding day. The only vision I ever had of the 'special day' was that I would be barefoot, it would take place outdoors, and we would be surrounded by nature (check, check, and check!)." Judging by the gorgeous photos from the event, it seems the bride got her wish.

On June 17, 2023, Lisa Marie and Michael welcomed their first child, naming their precious bundle of joy Azura Vie Holmes. Michael Jr. announced the news on Instagram with a pic of the couple holding their baby girl by the sea. "She is everything we ever dreamed of and more," he wrote. This new adventure for the Holmeses is bound to be one of their most exciting yet.

Her hobbies are closely related to her business

As a registered herbalist and a holistic health coach, Lisa Marie Holmes has her hands full running her own business. Still, that doesn't prevent her from furthering her knowledge with hobbies that are closely related to her career. While speaking with Rakuten, Michael Holmes Jr.'s wife also revealed that she's an avid reader. "I love getting out of my head and going on adventures with the characters in the books that I read. It inspires me to fill my own life with stories and pages full of fun, adventure, and passion," Lisa Marie explained. 

She frequently shares snaps of the books she's reading on her Instagram account, prompting discussion in the comments. Other than for fun, the health coach reads for work, too. In fact, one of the most interesting topics she's read about in a book relates to gardening tips for herbal medicine. She's even applied this research to her very own herb and vegetable garden. 

In a 2020 Facebook Live, for HGTV, Lisa Marie gushed about her experience of building a garden bed for the first time, which has undoubtedly also broadened her expertise on herbal remedies. The project was in the works for a while, as it was something she always wanted to take up. "There is nothing more rewarding than [gardening]. The expression 'You reap what you sow' is very relevant," Lisa Marie stated emphatically.