Royal Expert Explains How Prince William Differs From King Charles In This One Important Way

When Queen Elizabeth was born, there wasn't any expectation that she would someday be queen. But with the abdication of her uncle, King Edward VIII, Elizabeth became next in line for the throne at age 10. In comparison, we've known since their birth that — barring any accidents, deaths, or abdications — King Charles III would become king and that he'll be followed by William, Prince of Wales.

Both father and son have been internationally known since birth, and both men have been active working royals for years, supporting a range of initiatives. One cause they have in common is the environment and sustainability. King Charles has been working to make royal residences more eco-friendly, and Prince William helped create the inspiring Earthshot Prize. But despite this shared dedication to good causes, a royal expert sees a major difference between the two men, per OK Magazine. William is more of a family man, while Charles is more about work.

Prince William is more a family man compared to King Charles

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told OK Magazine that when it comes to William, Prince of Wales, "he's not a workaholic like his father." While William is definitely busy as a working royal, he is putting his family first in a way that King Charles III didn't. Bond noted that William "knows how important family life is ... He seems to be a full-on, hands-on, caring dad."

William has commented on his dad's dedication to work in a documentary made for Charles' 70th birthday. He talked about seeing how much work his father had to do, "We could barely even get to his desk to say goodnight to him," per Daily Mail. William also mentioned a desire for increased family time between King Charles and his grandkids: "I would like him to have more time with the children.

Charles grew up differently than his children and grandchildren. Charles was raised more by nannies when he was young while his parents were working, which may have made being a parent himself challenging. William seems to be following more in his mother's footsteps by working to be present for and focused on his young family.