What Happened To PiperWai After Shark Tank?

In 2014, childhood friends and Philadelphia natives Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner went into business together to create PiperWai, a natural, aluminum-free cream deodorant made with charcoal. According to Chesnut Local Hill, Edelstein created PiperWai because "I couldn't find a natural deodorant that worked, everything already on the market either irritated my sensitive skin or didn't work at all, so I decided to make my own."

Ribner tried Edelstein's concoction, and the two subsequently launched PiperWai with funds from Edelstein's parents and an Indiegogo campaign. Per Inc. Magazine, the business took off when PiperWai was included in Conscious Box, a subscription service for healthy products. Then in 2015, Ribner applied to have PiperWai on "Shark Tank." In December of that year, PiperWai was featured on episode 11 of season 7.

Edelstein and Ribner asked for $50,000 in exchange for 10% of their company, and they told the sharks that these funds would be used to create PiperWai in a stick form. Moreover, Edelstein and Riber explained that they were selling jars of PiperWai for $12 and went into detail on the science behind PiperWai. Nevertheless, sharks Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec, and Mark Cuban questioned PiperWai and decided not to invest. That left Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner, who were heavily interested. After some back-and-forth negotiating with the two, Edelstein and Ribner made a deal with Corcoran; $50,000 for $25% of PiperWai. This set PiperWai on a path to even greater success.

PiperWai's revenues exploded after appearing on Shark Tank

Within moments of being on "Shark Tank," PiperWai became a hit. Jess Edelstein told Inc. Magazine that they sold 10,000 jars of PiperWai while their episode was airing. Shortly after their appearance on "Shark Tank," Edelstein and Sarah Ribner went on the show again for an update in 2016 (via YouTube). Edelstein and Ribner revealed that within four weeks of being on "Shark Tank," PiperWai had made $1.3 million, a jump from the $110,000 they had garnered before going on the show. In addition, Philadelphia Magazine reported that PiperWai gained 10,000 followers on their social media pages.

However, with PiperWai's success came setbacks. In their "Shark Tank" update, Edelsten and Ribner said they were heavily back-ordered and could not keep up with demands for PiperWai. In October 2016, Edelstein and Ribner decided to part ways with Corcoran, with Edelstein telling The Philadelphia Inquirer (via The Business Journals) that their deal "made in the tank made less and less sense."

In a 2017 interview with Jopwell, Ribner disclosed what caused this backorder and noted that PiperWai was thriving. She said that PiperWai's manufacturer "would not help us fulfill the flood of post-Shark Tank orders because he didn't believe in the company or its market enough to prioritize our business." Ribner added, "We worked through almost 50,000 customer complaints over the course of our six-month backorder. Well, half a million customers and 1.5 years later, we've proved him wrong."

Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner were featured on Forbes

Despite their backorder dilemma and the end of their partnership with Barbara Corcoran, 2017 ended up being a big year for PiperWai. In November of that year, Forbes put Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner on their acclaimed 30 under 30 list. According to Forbes, PiperWai made an estimated $5.9 million that year. As of April 2019, Edelstein, per LinkedIn, is no longer involved with PiperWai. After departing the company, Edelstein, who worked in real estate before becoming an entrepreneur, started a podcast called Wheels On My Back and sold soap on Etsy.

At the time of this publication, she works for Curie. Like PiperWai, Curie makes aluminum-free deodorant. Her LinkedIn states that her role at Curie is that of a Shark Tank Effect Consultant. As for PiperWai, the company is based in Brooklyn, New York, and their LinkedIn states that it is now run exclusively by Ribner, PiperWai's CEO. Speaking to Jopwell in 2017, Ribner's dedication to PiperWai is evident.

She told the publication that before PiperWai, she worked in real estate finance and noted that PiperWai gave back through charity. At the time, she revealed, "Jess and I started PiperWai as a passion project and a desire to lead healthier lifestyles. When things get tough, we read our customers' messages to feel a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude for what we do every day." On PiperWai's about page, the company proclaims they are proudly black and female-owned. 

PiperWai expanded their product line

As of 2023, PiperWai has an array of products in its collection. Besides their original deodorant cream, they have expanded to include deodorant sticks and refillable deodorant in both a jar and stick form, all unisex and ideal for sensitive skin. Consumers can choose between a scented version or an unscented version of the deodorant, making it a breeze for them to find the deodorant that works best for them. In addition, PiperWai sells underarm oil and body wash. PiperWai can be purchased on their website, and their products range from $13 to $38.

PiperWai's various products are also sold on Amazon. Their scented Natural Deodorant w/Activated Charcoal is a popular product, and one consumer left a review on Amazon that said, "The performance of this natural deodorant is remarkable. It effectively combats odor, keeping me feeling clean and fresh throughout the day. Even during intense physical activities or busy schedules, it maintains its effectiveness, providing long-lasting protection against unwanted odor."

However, other reviewers said they did not like PiperWai's texture. Even so, PiperWai does not seem to be going away any time soon, and they are currently active on Instagram and Facebook. On the flip side, their Twitter has not been updated since December 2021. You can find PiperWai in stores by using their store locator.

PiperWai is focused on sustainability

One reason you should use natural deodorant is that it can be better for the environment. For example, PiperWai is dedicated to making its products as sustainable as possible. On their About page, PiperWai noted that they took on this initiative in 2021. As a result, their formula and packaging reflect this change. Their products, which are cruelty-free and vegan, are free of pollutants too. PiperWai also introduced its eco-friendly refillable deodorant.

PiperWai uses post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic for its packaging. They advertised this on Instagram and wrote, "Do you know? PiperWai's natural deodorant is packaged in PCR plastic because we believe being fresh shouldn't cost the Earth." According to PiperWai, PCR plastic is recyclable and reduces the emissions produced in the environment. In addition, PiperWai uses aluminum packaging for its body wash and underarm oil. The company notes that it chose to use aluminum because it can be easily recycled. All in all, PiperWai is doing what it can to help the planet while providing consumers with a clean product.