How Liz Cheney Is Taking Aim At Donald Trump From The Political Sidelines

Not many in the Republican party have spoken out in opposition to Donald Trump. Liz Cheney, however, has made it her job to end the former president's political journey. She was one of two Republicans in the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol. As vice chairwoman, she condemned Trump's actions and anyone supporting him. After 18 months, the team's final report accused the former president of encouraging the riots.

Since Cheney's public criticism of Trump, she has been on the outs of the Conservative party.

The attorney lost her re-election campaign for the Wyoming seat in the US House of Representatives to the Trump-endorsed candidate, Harriet Hageman. Despite no longer having the political influence of a congresswoman, Cheney is not giving up her fight to end the 45th President's run.

In an interview with journalist Lester Holt at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Cheney shared, "The way that I'm thinking about where we are and what has to be done is much less about, you know, what should I do in terms of am I going to be a candidate or not, and much more about stopping Donald Trump, whatever that takes." And the former US representative is putting her money where her mouth is.

Liz Cheney created an ad warning the public about Donald Trump

Liz Cheney created a political ad on Donald Trump, framing the former president as unfit for any government office. In the video narrated by the former congresswoman, she urged the public, "Donald Trump is a risk America can never take again." The minute-long message detailed Trump's allegedly illegal and irresponsible behavior surrounding the 2020 election.

According to Cheney, he incited the January 6 insurrection that left several dead, including a Capitol police officer. The businessman-turned-politician also praised those who stormed the nation's Capitol building. Regarding the riot and Trump's involvement, Cheney states, "There has never been a greater dereliction of duty by any president."

The ad ran before and after a CNN Town Hall where the former president was set to speak. It was funded by Cheney's political action committee, The Great Task. On its website, the organization claims to be "designed to educate and mobilize Americans in a unified effort to ensure that our Republic endures." For Cheney, Trump is a threat to the nation. Along with the targeted ad, she continues to speak out in the media.

Liz Cheney speak out against Trump on social media

Despite losing her House seat, Liz Cheney is still using her platform to speak out against Donald Trump. The former congresswoman's Twitter page is full of posts condemning the Jan 6 riots and the 45th President. The attack happened years ago, but Cheney speaks about it like it was yesterday, spilling what Donald Trump refused to say about the riot.

"On Jan 6, Donald Trump refused for over three hours to tell the violent mob to leave the Capitol, despite pleas from his White House staff, members of his family and many others," The professor at the University of Virginia Center for Politics wrote on Twitter, "No matter how many times he lies about this, the facts won't change. He is unfit for any office." Apart from using social media, Cheney also has a book in the works.

"Oath and Honor:A Memoir and a Warning" is expected to hit shelves in November 2023. It is a first-hand account of the violence that ensued on the Capitol in 2021. Interviews, ads, tweets, books — Cheney won't stop until Trump does.