40% Of Fans Think These Two Royals Have The Best Friendship - Exclusive Survey

Like many families, the relationships between members of the British royal family aren't always picture-perfect. Just look at the falling out between Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his brother William, Prince of Wales along with pretty much the rest of the royal family. A generation before, the royal scandals included the dissolution of the marriage of Princess Diana and then-Prince Charles and that of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. And of course, there was the drama of the abdication of the generation before that, which left the former King Edward VII very much on the outs with the royal family for years afterward.

But there are also positive relationships between royal family members. And happily, quite a few of the royals seem to be good friends. But which friendship is the best? In an exclusive survey, The List asked fans which royal friendship was their favorite, and the winner was Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh.

Kate Middleton's royal friendships are some of the most loved by fans

Of the 34,000 royal fans that voted in The List's survey, 40% said that the friendship between Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh was their favorite. And it makes sense; the two women definitely seem to have a lot in common, and they've supported each other over the years. And with the ongoing rift between Prince William and Prince Harry and their wives, some see Kate and Sophie as making up a part of the new "Fab Four," along with their husbands William and Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, respectively.

Kate also took second place — her friendship with Queen Elizabeth II garnered 24% of the vote. Another set of royal outsiders took third place — Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson's friendship got 16%. And tied for fourth and fifth with 10% each were direct family members — King Charles III and his sister Princess Anne and Prince Harry and his cousin Princess Eugenie.