Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Week Of 7/24: Gwen Finds Evidence, Sloan's Secret Gets Out

"Days of Our Lives" is heating up as July rolls forward. Fans will continue to see love triangles unfold, pregnancies revealed, affairs, family reunions, and so much more. Currently, some of the soap opera's biggest storylines include Abe Carver's kidnapping, Brady Black and Kristen DiMera's battle over their daughter, Nicole Walker's pregnancy, and Eric Brady's relationship with Sloan Petersen.

In addition to some tense situations, fans of the Peacock soap opera will also see plenty of romance between some of their favorite couples, including Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady, as well as Chad DiMera and Stephanie Johnson.

Here's what's in store for the week of July 24, 2023.

Whitley loses touch with reality

On Monday, July 24, "Days of Our Lives" fans can expect to see nurse Whitley have a total breakdown. Whitley will lose sense of reality as she continues to believe that she is Abe's wife. Whitley has already caused so much chaos with her decision to kidnap Mayor Abe Carver, who's currently suffering from amnesia. Whitley even went as far as to drug Abe's daughter, Lani Price, when she came to rescue him. 

Whitley's mental breakdown should offer some big drama.

Brady and Kristen's drama will take center stage

Brady Black and Kristen DiMera's relationship continues to grow more volatile by the day, and "Days of Our Lives" fans will see more drama unfold on Tuesday, July 25. After Kristen gives an official statement about Brady's attack on her, which included holding her at gunpoint in front of their daughter, Rachel, Belle will intervene. Belle will ask Kristen to recant her statement painting Brady in a negative light.

However, Kristen has proven that she'll do anything to keep custody of her daughter, and it seems that the battle between she and Brady won't be over anytime soon.

Sloan's pregnancy news is revealed

On Wednesday, July 26, "Days of Our Lives" couples will be in the spotlight when EJ and Nicole get the news that Sloan is pregnant with Eric's child. Viewers have been watching Sloan feel very guilty about tampering with Nicole's paternity test results. Sloan knows that Eric could easily be the father of Nicole's unborn baby, and to make up for possibly taking away the fatherhood experience, she decided to have her own child with Eric.

Of course, the pregnancy news will likely hit Nicole hard as she's never been able to move past her feelings for Eric.

Lani says goodbye to Salem again

"Days of Our Lives" fans will be forced to say goodbye to Lani Price again on Thursday, July 27. The beloved character will officially exit the soap after her short stint, and it's sure to be another emotional farewell. Lani was given an early release to deal with the presumed death of her father, Abe Carver. However, she will have to say goodbye to her mother, father, husband, and siblings as she heads back to prison to serve the rest of her sentence. Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Lani will return to Salem again after she's finished her time behind bars.

Gwen finds incriminating texts between Leo and Dimitri

Friday, July 28's episode of "Days of Our Lives" will be a doozy as Gwen Rizczech will find revealing texts between her best friend Leo Stark and her fiance Dimitri Von Leuschner. Leo and Dimitri have been carrying on a torrid affair behind Gwen's back, and she'll soon be let in on the stunning secret. Could this be the end of Gwen and DiMitri, or will he choose to leave Leo out in the cold? Some fans may be worried that Gwen and Leo's friendship will be rocked by the shocking affair, splitting up the entertaining besties for good.