Meet Michael Bolton's Girlfriend, Heather Kerzner

Michael Bolton may have lost his long, flowing locks since his superstardom days, but he certainly hasn't lost his passion for romance. Unsurprising when he was well known for his romantic ballads like "When a Man Loves a Woman." These days, it's no longer ex-wife Maureen McGuire Bolton is referring to, but a different woman — Heather Kerzner. Here's what you need to know about Michael Bolton's newest love.

Heather, 16 years Bolton's junior, is a socialite and former model linked to many notable men over the past decade or so. Her first husband was Charles Murphy, a banker who resided in London. Heather was an ex-pat for six years, welcoming two children with Murphy, until she decided to return to New York City. Once back home with her family in the Big Apple and officially divorced from Murphy, Heather ran into the late Sol Kerzner, a formidable three-times-divorced businessman hailing from South Africa. Oh, and also a billionaire.

Though he was currently engaged to someone else at the time, the business tycoon quickly hit it off with Heather, who was 34 years younger. The pair wed in 2000 and quickly became fixtures in the country's high society, making the rounds with friends like Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Heather's matrimonial bliss lasted 12 years before she filed for divorce from Sol, citing "unreasonable behavior" while claiming he was a "workaholic" who put business before their marriage. Following that, Heather had a brief engagement with another executive, James Henderson, before meeting Bolton.

Bolton and the billionairess

Michael Bolton has a storied dating history himself, with Heather Kerzner being his most recent significant other. In February 2023, the couple officially stepped out together. It's unclear how they met, but Bolton claims their first encounter wasn't recent. Reportedly, they have been friends for over a decade, and it wasn't until the summer of 2022 that their relationship turned romantic. Bolton told People, "My work takes up a lot of space, and I've been learning what the whole process is of having someone who really brightens up your life," which Heather's notorious megawatt smile apparently does.

The couple shares parenthood in common as Heather is mom to Charlie and Savannah while Bolton has three kids of his own, Isa, Taryn, and Holly. He shares his daughters with his ex-wife Maureen Macguire. Though most of their children are older now, it isn't apparent how serious things are between the socialite and the singer, including whether or not their families have mingled.

For now, Bolton's just happy to have so much love in his life from all of his girls, admitting to People, "I'm filled with more love and pride in my girls as they raise their own families. The people I love bring me a lot of happiness . . . The important things never really change. Love is the most important thing, the center of the universe. There's nothing greater."

What does Heather Kerzner do?

Michael Bolton is still making music, releasing his "Spark of Light" album in July 2023. He has long poured himself into his passion, but it seems like his girlfriend, Heather Kerzner, has dabbled here and there.

Being married and divorced to extraordinarily wealthy men, like billionaire Sol Kerzner, likely comes with some huge settlements. As such, she can devote her time, energy, and money to causes as she sees fit. Heather has been linked to several charities, including Women's Aid, and was regularly featured in the charity event circuit while married to ex-husband Sol Kerzner. During that time, she also acted as an "ambassador for the Kerzner brand," according to Evening Standard, though that position has likely ended. It's fair to say that Kerzner also spends a fair amount of time rubbing shoulders with royalty and other socialites while enjoying a pretty lavish lifestyle. 

Heather hadn't always been so lucky, though. Coming from divorced, hard-working parents in Albany, New York, the socialite can recall a time when "money was extremely short," she told Evening Standard. As such, Heather waitressed, worked retail at the GAP, and modeled before heading off to Columbia University to get a degree. After college, she held a marketing position with Time Warner. These days though, she's more likely to be jetting off to Barbados with Bolton than folding jeans in the backroom of a clothing store.