What To Know About Ashley McBryde

In the world of country music, Ashley McBryde has emerged as a powerhouse talent, captivating audiences with her raw and authentic storytelling. Hailing from the small town of Mammoth Springs, Arkansas, the musician has faced several challenges on her journey to fame. She spent over a decade of her life trying to make it in the entertainment industry and at the time, she felt like no one cared about her music. In an interview with Six Shooter Country, she said, "I spent so much time playing in bars, especially bars where nobody cared, for a long time, we're talking 11 years. Eventually they cared. I spent so much time doing that it's really hard to get too big for your britches."

Not everyone who dreamt of making it big in the music scene can succeed and McBryde victoriously defied the odds. Undeterred by her struggles, she made sure she improved her craft by performing relentlessly. Her debut album "Girl Going Nowhere," released in 2018, solidified her status as a rising star. While McBryde's music has won her a devoted following, there are hidden depths to this country music sensation that add to her charm and allure. Behind the spotlight, there are intriguing facets of her life that may surprise even her most avid fans.

Ashley thinks sexism is still prevalent in the music scene

In an era of progress and empowerment, the music scene remains riddled with persistent sexism toward women. To this day, female artists continue to face daunting challenges that impede their growth and success in the industry. In 2019, NPR reported that the representation of women in the country music industry remains significantly low, with only 16% of artists being female. Furthermore, when it comes to songwriting, their presence is even more scarce. For Ashley McBryde, women remain underrepresented, limiting their influence and opportunities to shape their artistic vision. 

McBryde was asked about her thoughts on women being deliberately ignored by mainstream radio in general. She got real and told Six Shooter Country, "Part of the reason women don't get played on the radio quite so much in the States is because radio is fueled by advertising. Women tend to prefer to do songs that make you think and that make you feel and songs that make you think and feel don't sell trucks, beer or mattresses very well in a commercial. They definitely deliberately leave out females."

She then applauded the country music supergroup The Highwomen for making it their mission to help women succeed in the music scene. Talking about the mission of the group composed of Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires, Natalie Hemby, and Maren Morris, she added, "The Highwomen, that's a really cool project. I'm glad they came up with that concept and did it."

She shared a sweet moment with Eric Church onstage

For aspiring artists, getting the chance to perform with their idol is an unparalleled dream come true. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that offers not only a chance to share the stage with an icon but also an unforgettable experience that can transform a rising talent's career and instill lifelong memories. Such was the case when Ashley McByrde got to perform with one of the musicians she looked up to.

McBryde's achievements are undeniably praiseworthy. She has impressed a considerable fanbase, including artists like "Two Pink Lines" singer Eric Church, and even shared a stage with him. Having already recognized McBryde's songwriting talents from her EP, "Jalopies & Expensive Guitars," Church extended an invite for her to join him onstage on one fateful night during his "Holdin' My Own" tour.  He affectionately introduced her as "a whiskey-drinkin' badass." They shared the spotlight, alternating verses on her emotionally poignant song "Bible and a .44," which served as a touching tribute to her father, J. Gugala (via Rolling Stone).

Performing with a legend of country music cemented her rising success. A video of them performing together has gained widespread attention on YouTube, quickly going viral and propelling McBryde's career to new heights. This has led the singer to achieve so much fame and rack up her net worth. McBryde's net worth might surprise you, Glamour Biz reported in 2020 that her net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.

Breaking her father's rule resulted in one of her breakout songs

A bold act of defiance against her father's rules resulted in one of Ashley McBryde's breakout songs. Her heartfelt song titled "Bible and a .44" gained widespread attention when she released it in 2016 as part of her EP, "Jalopies & Expensive Guitars." The song's inspiration draws from her upbringing in Arkansas.

Looking back on her childhood, McBryde revealed that her father was a preacher, and the presence of a gun and a bible was a constant in their lives. "He raised us that way — as mean as that sounds, and as sweet as that sounds, too," she shared with Billboard. Furthermore, her father owned a Martin D-35S guitar, which he strictly forbade her from playing until his passing.

However, seizing a moment of opportunity when her father wasn't around, she decided to ignore her father's rule and played the special guitar. It was in that act of rebellion that the words and melody of "Bible and a .44" poured out of her, marking a significant turning point in her musical journey. "I was at his house on his 70th birthday, and he wasn't home, and I knew where the guitar was. So, I pulled it out of the closet, and got it out of the case, and started writing 'A Bible And A .44,'" she recalled.

A discouragement from her Algebra teacher fueled her determination to succeed

From a young age, Ashley McBryde dreamed of becoming a country singer. As she progressed to high school, her conviction to pursue music as a career grew stronger. Unfortunately, her aspirations were met with discouragement from a particular teacher, an experience that only fueled her determination to make it in the industry.

She recalled the incident and she shared the story with Billboard. It was during one of her Algebra classes when the teacher asked each student about their plans for the future. Fearlessly, she expressed her desire to move to Nashville and pursue songwriting. She aimed to be heard on the radio, either as a singer herself or through others performing her songs. However, instead of encouragement, the teacher disparaged her ambitions and had a rather rude remark. McBryde remembered exactly what her teacher said: "In front of the whole class, she looked at me and said 'That's stupid. That won't happen. You need to remember where you're from, and have a good backup plan.'"

After being humiliated by her teacher, she knew exactly what to do. She remained undeterred, using the teacher's words as motivation to prove her wrong.

Ashley's father wasn't thrilled by her fame

While her father has been a significant source of inspiration for her music, Ashley McBryde has revealed that he doesn't entirely support her decision to pursue a career in the music industry. Discussing the meaning behind her song "Bible and a .44," she explained to Taste of Country that it's about her father, who didn't support his daughter choosing a livelihood in the entertainment field. 

The reason behind her father's disapproval stemmed from his deeply ingrained old-fashioned upbringing. In the interview with Taste of Country, McBryde referred to her father as "really, really old school," when she described him. His mindset was shaped long ago, and although they may often argue when they talk, she values the communication they have. Upon learning about her ACM Awards nominations, her father wasn't exactly thrilled. "In fact, when I told him I was nominated for two ACM Awards, he said, 'I guess I don't know what that is.' And he wasn't trying to be mean, he was just saying, 'I don't care about that kind of thing,'" she said in 2019.

However, the singer-songwriter remained determined despite her father's lack of enthusiasm or approval. His opinion neither hindered nor motivated her in her pursuit of success.