The Famous '90s Sitcom Star Who Had A Short-Lived Romance With Ivanka Trump

The personal life of former First Daughter Ivanka Trump was well documented before her father, Donald Trump, made his way to the White House, including certain aspects of her love life. Though she tied the knot with Jared Kushner in October 2009, Trump was previously linked to several famous men including filmmaker Bingo Gubelmann and professional cyclist Lance Armstrong. 

However, there is one well-known face from her past that played a minor role in her love life. Actor Topher Grace is most widely known for his role as Eric Forman in the hit sitcom, "That '70s Show" but you may be unaware that he once dated the cherished daughter of the controversial 45th president. Not much is known about their brief dalliance. 

Still, the actor did confirm it happened over a decade ago, long before Trump headed to Washington, D.C. To date, Grace has offered few specifics about the fling, likely an indicator that both parties wish to move on from their whirlwind courtship. 

Topher Grace and Ivanka Trump got close during her birthday party in Las Vegas

Rumors began swirling about Topher Grace and Ivanka Trump during her 25th birthday celebrations in 2006. The socialite spent that weekend having dinner with Grace and friends at two separate restaurants in Las Vegas before ending up at the once-popular Pure nightclub. It was in the venue's VIP section that the pair was spotted getting up close and personal. 

According to People, Grace and Trump were reportedly seen openly canoodling in front of other partygoers. The duo even allegedly shared a smooch inside the now-shuttered celebrity hotspot. When their supposed relationship hit the media, neither would verify the news at the time. 

During a 2018 one-on-one with the Daily Beast, the actor finally admitted that there was a quick rendezvous between the two years before Trump's family became devout politicians. Still, when describing it, Grace made sure to downplay their dalliance's seriousness.

The actor has been reluctant to speak about his relationship with Ivanka Trump

When Topher Grace finally spilled the beans about dating the once highly sought-after bachelorette, he was careful with his words. The actor shared that the two initially met in New York but conveniently omitted any details regarding their time in Las Vegas together. According to Grace, he considers them more acquaintances than lovers. 

"We went on a couple of dates. I wouldn't say that we dated," he informed the Daily Beast before making it clear that he could not have gotten with Trump for political gain considering the fact that her father, Donald Trump, didn't become president until years later. Trump has never touched on the subject herself, meanwhile. 

Given her marriage to real estate developer Jared Kushner, which happened three years after Trump's Las Vegas shindig with Grace, she likely never will. The "In Good Company" star also found a love of his own with fellow actor Ashley Hinshaw. They wed in 2016 and are the proud parents of two children, with a third on the way. Needless to say, whatever transpired between Grace and Trump is null and void.