What We Know About Days Of Our Lives' Bombshell Workplace Misconduct Allegations

In recent days, explosive revelations about workplace conditions on the set of "Days of Our Lives" has left the soap community shaken. Director and executive producer Albert Alarr is at the center of the many disturbing claims made over the years. The hostile environment during the daytime drama's filming has become so common that many people involved had learned to cope with it. Others, however, have escalated their concerns as the situation continues to cause problems behind the scenes.

On July 25, Deadline shared a report about Alarr's long-running questionable behavior in and outside the studio. In March, a female employee came forward, raising concerns about the number of women who'd exited the show recently for several reasons. Pay gaps between men and women were noted, as well as inappropriate treatment on set. In fact, several notable names have exited "Days" in recent months. Lindsay Arnold, who joined the ensemble cast in 2020 as Allie Horton, announced her departure in February 2023. In May 2023, Camila Banus, who took on the role of Gabi Hernandez for over a decade, also told fans she was leaving the series. Neither has blamed abuse as their reason for leaving, though the coincidental timing may pique some fans' interest.

Albert Alarr allegedly kissed a Days of Our Lives actor without her consent

One of the most troubling instances that several "Days of Our Lives" crew members witnessed was producer Albert Alarr kissing one of the show's female actors. The unwanted act occurred roughly six years ago after an award show where the soap had been nominated and won an award. Insiders told Deadline that the episode left the woman frightened to be around Alarr. It's unknown if that woman ultimately left the show, but at least seven have left or been demoted as a result of the behind-the-scenes issues. Only one male actor was given the boot, which seems to be another testament to the inconsistencies in treatment.

During the nine-week investigation into Alarr's behavior, he reportedly confessed to some of the accusations, but exactly which ones have remained confidential. Alarr replaced the late co-executive producer Lisa de Cazotte in 2015, taking her position in addition to his already being a director. She landed two Daytime Emmy Awards while leading the popular television drama. The reason for the shake-up is not precisely apparent.

Staffers say Albert Alarr would use highly sexual language during on-screen love scenes

Women were not the only ones subjected to Albert Alarr's unprofessional conduct. At least two staffers on "Days of Our Lives" told the outlet that Alarr made crude remarks towards a male actor during a love scene in front of multiple show members. He allegedly yelled out: "You're f*****g horny, man, you just want to f*** her.'" One unidentified "Days" employee claimed that talk such as this had become normalized.

"It's kind of a running joke that everything that comes out of Albert's mouth is inappropriate," the individual confirmed to Deadline.

With such allegations hanging over Alarr's head, it's unclear what steps Corday Productions and Sony Pictures Television are taking to rectify the situation. While their report did not reveal what type of punishment Alarr could face, it will be no surprise if he is ousted from his position, as several film and television execs have been terminated in recent years due to similar claims. Last May, Disney severed ties with producer Fred Savage after multiple reports of misconduct. The previous year in March 2021, "All Rise" creator and executive producer Greg Spottiswood was removed from his high-ranking position by Warner Bros. for various problematic actions. If history repeats itself, Alarr may soon be looking for work elsewhere. It's unknown if any retired "Days of Our Lives" stars participated in the investigation, and it will be interesting to see if any original "Days of Our Lives" cast members speak out about the current state of the show.