What Only True Fans Know About Hallmark's Merritt Patterson

Merritt Patterson is known for her work in various television shows and films. Hailing from Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, Patterson's journey in the entertainment industry began with a passion for performing at a young age. During the early stages of her career, she played recurring roles in several projects, including her first credit as a guest star in the ABC Family series "Kyle XY." She later starred opposite Debby Ryan in Disney Channel's "Radio Rebel." 

However, her breakout role only came in 2013 through "Ravenswood," a spin-off of "Pretty Little Liars." She took on the role of Olivia Matheson in the ABC Family show. This breakthrough opportunity opened the doors to more significant projects and set her on a path to success, which landed her roles in numerous holiday films for the Hallmark Channel. One of her best is the film "Christmas Chateau," a must-watch Hallmark holiday movie if you're a Pisces, that was released in 2020. Patterson is also one of the stars to leave Hallmark for the Great American Family channel

She certainly has achieved so much in her career, and when asked by Geek Rock TV what advice she can give to those aspiring to enter the world of showbiz, she said, "It is a crazy industry, it's a very crazy industry. Um, I would say, you know, it's worth it if it's something that you love. You just have to... really go for it, really go for it, and stay positive." In addition to her intensive filmography, there are far more interesting facts about Patterson. 

Acting has enhanced Patterson's life

When you genuinely love your job, it becomes a choice, and you enjoy doing it rather than seeing it as a burden on your time. There are many aspects of your work that you look forward to, and achieving your goals or expanding your skill set brings you a strong sense of satisfaction. For Merritt Patterson, acting has been a joyful journey that has brought her happiness. The talented actor found true pleasure when immersed in the world of theatricals.

Sharing how acting has made her life better, she explained to Geek Rock TV, "I mean it's enhanced my life in so many ways. I am the most happiest on a set. So that feeling, that like pure joy I live for. So that alone is great." No wonder the actor shines through in every role she takes on, whether it's on the big or small screen.

In addition to feeling satisfied while acting, she has also confessed that the feeling of fulfillment extends beyond her performances on screen; it also lies in the connections she forms with the people she gets to work with. She added, "I mean you get to meet a lot of really interesting people, really loving people when you form these relationships, and you get to travel. I mean, there's so many great things about it."

She has a holiday tradition with her family

Christmas holds immense significance for almost everyone who celebrates it, and people have their own distinctive and unique holiday traditions. While some of these annual practices revolve around religious activities like attending church services, others are more informal such as adorning Christmas trees, indulging in holiday movies, or baking delightful cookies for beloved ones. Just like any other household across the world, the "Forever in my Heart" actor revealed that she also has a Christmas tradition that she enjoys with the family. 

In a 2022 interview with TV Shows Ace, Merritt Patterson said, "I grew up celebrating Christmas in the snow. My family always went skiing on Christmas morning. Depending on how much snow fell the night before determined if gifts were opened before or after skiing." In addition to skiing with the whole clan, she also shared that growing up, she had a little ritual with her sister during the holidays. She added, "As kids my sister and I always got up early and did our stockings just the two of us. These are by far my most cherished holiday traditions!" She confessed that she always looked forward to Christmas time and when asked by Harlton Empire what her favorite Christmas film was, she shared, "'Love Actually' but if I'm going for a classic probably the stop-motion 'Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.'"

Patterson is a travel enthusiast

Celebrities, like many of us, have an insatiable wanderlust that drives them to explore the world. Beyond the red carpets and studio lots, these stars find solace in the thrill of travel, embarking on adventures to discover new cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and the wonders that our planet offers. From exotic getaways to rustic retreats, they often utilize their luxurious lifestyles to venture into uncharted territories. Thankfully, Merritt Patterson has the opportunity to indulge in her love for travel through her projects. 

During an interview to promote the film "Catering Christmas," she was asked what she loves about portraying royals. She told TV Shows Ace, "Being from a royal family is such a foreign way of life for 99.99% of the population. It's a fun world to play in and imagine. I think the number of movies and shows that I've done with a royal storyline are really just coincidence!" She then revealed a perk she got to enjoy while filming for these Holiday movies, she added, "I enjoy traveling and filming abroad! These storylines generally support this."

With an unquenchable drive to travel, it's no surprise that when the time came for her big day, she opted for a destination wedding that perfectly reflected her love for exploring new horizons. Patterson had a destination wedding with talent agent JP Ringer on September 17, 2022 in Puglia, Italy.

She had a chilling experience while filming for 'Ravenswood'

Indeed, suspense thriller films have a reputation for delivering spine chilling scares. However, there are instances where the real-life events that unfolded on horror movie sets surpassed the terror portrayed in the fictional movies they were creating. In the heart of an eerie and secluded location, the cast and crew of "Ravenswood" found themselves captivated not only by their roles but also by the unexplained occurrences around them. As the cameras rolled and the suspenseful storyline progressed, a series of inexplicable happenings added an extra layer of intrigue to the set.

In an interview with Pop City Life in 2013, Merritt Patterson shared what it was like filming the series. She shared, "The great thing about New Orleans is that it's on location, and the locations here are amazing. There's so much charm and history to this city. We've filmed a lot in a graveyard, which surprisingly isn't that creepy, they're really beautiful." Their filming experience in graveyards was relatively fine, however, they had chilling encounters while shooting in other locations. She added, "We have filmed in an abandoned hospital and we heard stories that part of it was haunted. There was water dripping from the ceiling and people have heard footsteps. So there had definitely been a few times we were like, 'Oh, did you hear that?' I'm sure we're getting ourselves worked up, but it's for sure on our minds."

Patterson loves the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

The iconic little black dress, those oversized sunglasses, and the stunning pearls — these are the visual emblems forever etched in our minds when we think of "Breakfast at Tiffany's." The 1961 film, adapted from Truman Capote's novella published in 1958, has transcended its narrative and characters, becoming an epitome of New York chic and feminine fashion. Holly Golightly, the character we believe we know so well, is inseparable from Audrey Hepburn's captivating portrayal. She gracefully traverses the city streets, donning her elegant LBD and classic Burberry Mac, both of which have become almost clichéd in their association with timeless fashion.

One actor who shares the love for this film classic is Merritt Patterson. In a joint interview with Samuel Hunt to promote the film "Unbroken: Path to Redemption," she revealed her all time favorite film. She said, "I love Breakfast at Tiffany's. It's a classic to me, I absolutely love it." Further sharing the details of what drew her to the film, she added, "It's the character, Holly Golightly. She is so complex. There's humor, there's depth and there's sadness. I just love that movie. [...] I think she's fantastic in it. Not to mention the wardrobe is amazing" (via YouTube).