What Only True Fans Know About Hallmark's Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden is a talented actor who gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Cerie, the alluring yet inept assistant on the hit show "30 Rock," whom she portrayed for years. In 2019, she debuted as a series regular on "The Bold and the Beautiful" playing the character Florence "Flo" Fulton. Even before that, she had left a mark in the daytime television realm as she made her initial soap opera appearance as Britney on "One Life to Live" in 2006.

Bowden worked hard to make a name for herself in show business. She has persevered to achieve her dreams, and offered a helpful advice for young aspiring actors. She told Red Sea Media, "The biggest thing is to not give up. If it's something that you are passionate about, keep trying. It's a really tough industry and there are so many ups and downs. To me, you can have all of the lows, but the one high you get from it makes everything worth it."

True enough, she did not give up and her career started to take off. In addition to appearing on "30 Rock," she has also starred in some of Hallmark's most popular films and made appearances in other notable primetime shows like "Ugly Betty" and "New Girl." Her filmography is indeed impressive, but she's more than just an actor. Here are a few other things true fans know about her.

Katrina makes use of her time efficiently

Celebrities, whether they are actors, musicians, business moguls, or multi-talented individuals, share a common thing with the rest of the world: Time affects all of us equally. Regardless of fame or wealth, everyone is limited to 24 hours a day. For that reason, those who have achieved success or wealth in the industry had to be creative with how they spend their day. It might be easier to hire someone to help them handle their tasks every day, but Katrina Bowden chose not to.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest in 2021, Bowden shared how she spends her day, noting that she makes sure she allocates time for her personal activities. She revealed that she usually wakes up around 6:30 in the morning, though it may differ depending on what her call time is to be on set. She starts her day by drinking coffee and arrives at the studio by 9 a.m. As an actor, it's pretty normal for them to have a glam team, but Bowden revealed that she didn't have one. She shared, "I'll get my hair done, and usually I'll do my own makeup. That takes about 20 minutes, and I will run lines, usually while I'm getting my hair done."

On a normal day, she heads home around 4 p.m., then after dinner and running her lines, she usually hits the sack around 11 p.m.

She was once stung by a jellyfish while filming

In the realm of filmmaking, some projects take creativity and determination to new depths — literally. "Great White," a heart-pounding survival 2021 thriller, accomplished just that, immersing both the cast and crew in the treacherous waters of underwater filming. The film is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Australian coast as it tells the harrowing tale of a group of seaplane passengers stranded in shark-infested waters. Underwater filming is no easy feat, requiring meticulous planning and state-of-the-art equipment to capture the action while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

As the characters fight for their lives, the actors also had to embrace the challenges of portraying their roles the best they can. Katrina Bowden shared some tales of filming the movie. She told Coming Soon, "The whole film was a challenge to shot just because we're in a raft for most of the movie and the water, which has its own challenges and then a lot of underwater shooting. The environments and locations that we were shooting at, just every single one of them had its own challenges."

She continued, "There were so many jellyfish. In Australia, all the jellyfish are stinging jellyfish, I got stung by one, one day." Being a professional, she refused to let her experience stop the film shoot.

Katrina had to learn scuba diving for a role

Beyond memorizing lines and diving into the depth of their characters to get the full emotions of each scene, actors are often required to acquire new skills they don't possess yet, just like how Katrina Bowden had to learn scuba diving for her role in the film "Great White."

As already mentioned, the film had a lot of challenges for the frequent Hallmark holiday movie star, but even before the filming started, she already had to take on a new skill. "We all had to go through some scuba training and we had to practice breath-holding a lot. We had a really big team of people who were there to walk us through everything and hold our hands for all of it. Because a lot of times we're shooting in the water, the director, Marty, and everybody else behind the camera, we're pretty far away," she explained to Coming Soon.

In addition to learning new skills, she also had to perform her own stunts. Of course, the actors were not professional scuba divers by any means, so there are a few stunts that required body doubles. While it does sound physically taxing, Bowden added that she enjoyed it a lot. She concluded, "Myself and the other actors, we were really just game to do as much as we could on our own. I think it's so fun to just make the whole process really exciting."

Tracy Morgan helped her feel at ease on her first day of filming for 30 Rock

For a newcomer in the entertainment industry, having the chance to work with established and renowned big names can be both thrilling and daunting. It's a dream come true to land a role alongside respected actors, but it also brings a unique set of challenges and pressures. That's at least what happened to Katrina Bowden when she joined the series "30 Rock." Thankfully, comedian Tracy Morgan made her feel at home on set.

Bowden revealed how her first day on the set of the sitcom went. The actor only met the cast members during the table read and unfortunately, she came in late so she was extremely distressed. That's when Morgan helped lighten the mood. As she told Esquire, her costar told her she looked a bit terrified, and then "Tracy said to me, 'Don't just stand there looking beautiful, come and sit next to me.'" Since then, she felt the warmth on the set of the long-running show.

Throughout her seven-year stint on the show, she shared a lot of fun memories with her co-stars. Sharing Morgan's antics behind the scenes, she said, "Tracy was always a funny loose cannon on set . . . His comedy is always really raunchy, and he would just say like the most inappropriate things in the elevator."

The fondest memory she had in her childhood was when her parents gave her a dog

Childhood is a time of innocence, wonder, and discovery. It is the best time to spend carefree days playing with friends or enjoying time with one's first pet. Looking back, Katrina Bowden had a lot of fond memories while growing up. When she was asked by My Fanbase about her favorite memory from her childhood, she answered, "I had a great childhood, so I have a lot of favorite memories. One that stands out is when I got my dog, Champy, when I was 7. I always wanted a dog, but my parents didn't really want to get one."

She further revealed the funny story of how her parents got creative in surprising her. "One day, my mom and dad told my brother and I that we had to go to the airport to pick up a special fancy printer that they ordered . . . I begrudgingly agreed to go with them." Since the plane carrying the surprise was delayed, they had no choice but to wait for more than two hours at the airport. Thankfully, it was revealed that they were actually waiting for a cute golden retriever puppy, but her brother still thought the box held the printer. She recalled after they got the puppy, "[He] asks in all seriousness, 'Mom, where's the printer?' We still laugh about that."