The Home Edit Unpacks Why Khloé Kardashian Is Their Most Stressful Client

On July 28, a writer for The List's sister site House Digest attended The Home Edit's Summer of Fun tour in Chicago. During the event, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of Netflix show "The Home Edit" talked about some of their famous clients, letting their fans in on what it's really like to help celebs get their homes into ship shape and make them as beautiful and functional as possible.

The tagline of the show touts that Clea and Joanna "help celebrities and everyday clients edit, categorize and contain their clutter to create stunning spaces" (via Netflix). Each client presents unique challenges to the "Home Edit" team, and while the duo was discussing which of their famous clients have been the most challenging, Clea admitted that the famously-organized Khloé Kardashian tops the list. 

But if you're thinking the issue is that Khloé is secretly a slob or is unpleasant to work with, then the real reason Clea considers her so difficult might surprise you.   

Why Clea found working with Khloé stressful

During the Chicago stop of The Home Edit's Summer of Fun tour, Clea Shearer shared her feelings about working with Khloé Kardashian to help her get her home as organized and streamlined as possible, saying,  "We have had the privilege of, many times, working for one Ms. Khloé Kardashian, and she is so supremely organized that the stress we feel organizing for her, it's actually way worse than with someone who isn't organized."

If this seems backwards to you, Clea went on to explain her feelings, admitting, "Because she can do it, she already has kind of done it, and we need to figure out how to improve her already organized systems. Which is a lot of pressure. So to me, her first pantry project was the most stressful, because the bar was so high. It's just like, how are we gonna be smarter than we are."

A person too organized for the "Home Edit" team? That's a heck of a compliment, Khloé!