Donald Trump Is A Fan Of The Property Brothers. Is The Feeling Mutual?

It stands to reason that a man whose business is buildings would enjoy seeing other people renovating them. Former president Donald Trump, famed first for his hotel and casino ventures and then for his stint in the White House, was apparently a fan of a certain HGTV show during his administration. Back in June 2017, then-White House correspondent Jonathan Lemire shared an interesting photo on Twitter showing a TV screen aboard a famous aircraft. "FYI: the TVs on Air Force One are programmed to record "Property Brothers," Lemire wrote.  

The news was met with mixed reactions. "I will never watch that show again," one person declared. Another tweeted it was "the first and only Trump thing I could ever give a thumbs-up to," though they suspected the show was actually being watched by the president's crew. A respondent joked about the former first family's taste: "Probably so the Trumps can understand that gold isn't appropriate for all furnishings." Another snarked, "Good to know he's doing his best to stay current on the big news of the real estate industry."

Being on the DVR schedule of the commander-in-chief of the United States would seem to be a huge compliment. But how did Jonathan and Drew Scott really feel about it?

The Scotts are no fans of Trump's rhetoric

At least one of the famous HGTV twin hosts once had a working relationship with Donald Trump. Jonathan Scott was tapped to be one of the judges of the 2015 Miss USA pageant, an event run by Trump's Miss Universe Organization. Then came the presidential race, in which Trump transformed himself into a controversial candidate.

Per CNN, Trump vowed to end the flow of undocumented migrants from Mexico, claiming the refugees were primarily drug dealers, gang members, and rapists. NBCUniversal and Univision promptly dropped their upcoming broadcast of the pageant, and Jonathan resigned from his judging post. "I cannot support the views of the powers that be," he wrote on Facebook. He included a visual of his quote: "It's astounding how much energy is wasted on hate, only for those individuals to discover there was nothing to fear in the first place."

After such a polarizing move, it would seem surprising that Trump would opt to watch the Scotts' home renovation show. The Scotts were most surprised of all. In an interview with USA Today, they were asked about the tweeted photo from Air Force One. Jonathan admitted he found it "pretty funny" the president would record "Property Brothers," but offered a possible theory. "Who knows if it's from past administrations?" he suggested. "My dad can't program a VCR to save his life, so maybe the president can't reprogram the DVR." Still, he allowed the then-president might still be one of their "eclectic mix" of viewers.

The Scotts had a laugh at Donald Trump's expense

When the Property Brothers aren't working on their numerous home renovation shows, they take time to speak out about their pet causes. Both Jonathan and Drew are passionate about the environment and often share advice on sustainability. Jonathan is a staunch ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Just before the 2016 presidential election, as Donald Trump faced off against Hillary Clinton, Jonathan couldn't resist sharing a message on Instagram urging voters to "use your voice for good." 

The twins may not have been thrilled when Trump won, but they stayed neutral during his administration with two exceptions. In addition to their comments on the Air Force One photo, the Scotts appeared on "Conan" in 2019. Trump had recently made a jaw-dropping proposal to buy Greenland from Denmark, and Conan O'Brien wanted the Scotts' professional opinion. As seen on YouTube, real-estate expert Drew thought the country's "quiet" location made it a smart investment. Throwing Iceland into the package, he noted, would up the resale value and make a perfect mother-in-law suite. Jonathan, the renovation guru, suggested, "I would knock out this glacier just to get a more open-concept plan."  Removing all the mountains and adding a large open fire pit area, he added, would make the country seem more spacious. 

Trump has never commented on the brothers' ribbing, or on Jonathan's exit from Miss USA. Still, it seems unlikely "Celebrity IOU" will be shown on Air Force One if he should win again in 2024.