Jenna Ortega Looks Just As Gorgeous Without Makeup

We can all agree that Jenna Ortega is one of Hollywood's biggest it-girls of the moment. These days, though, just because you're in the spotlight and revered for your beauty doesn't mean that you actually look the way people perceive you. With filters and editing at an all-time high, plenty of the people we see on the internet don't actually look the way we think they do, and this is particularly true when it comes to celebrities. Of course, while filters and photo-editing software certainly play a role in what we think stars look like, so does having professional hair and makeup teams. Consequently, there are plenty of celebrities who are completely unrecognizable without makeup

This is one of the reasons that we love a star who isn't afraid to show her natural beauty and wipe that makeup off in front of a filterless camera. Well, this gives us even more of a reason to love Jenna Ortega than we already had, and we had plenty. Ortega hasn't shied away from showing the world how she looks sans makeup, but it goes beyond that: She actually loves being makeup-free. After quarantine, the star told Cosmopolitan, "I might just end up being on a forever break from makeup. It's so nice, especially when I'm working, they put so much hair and makeup products on my body." Her line of work may require some unavoidable makeup moments, but she's fresh-faced when she can be, and she's as beautiful as ever when she's makeup-free.

Jenna Ortega loves to embrace her natural beauty

Jenna Ortega is clearly one down-to-earth celeb. She's not only comfortable going makeup free in public, but she actually enjoys it. Without makeup, Ortega told Cosmopolitan, "I feel like my skin reacts to it better and I feel good about myself. I can just allow my body to breathe, which I think has been quite rewarding." The "Wednesday" star prefers looking her best in natural ways, and it's clear from her makeup-free selfies that this strategy is working for her. 

In April, Ortega posted an ad for Neutrogena makeup remover wipes on Instagram and gave these cleansing wipes the ultimate test. She shared a selfie where she sported eye makeup and plenty of fake blood. She captioned the photo series "Without fail" and followed the faux blood-covered selfie with a photo of herself looking clean, makeup-free, and absolutely stunning. While this post proved her allegiance to her fave wipes for the makeup-removing challenges that her career brings her, it also proves she's comfy and cute without makeup.

And, her low-maintenance beauty philosophy doesn't stop there. The star doesn't worry about her hair, either. "If it's a good hair day, it's a good hair day. And if it's not, well that's too bad. I'm never going to concern myself with any hair product, I don't think," she told Glamour. The same goes for her nails, which she likes to keep short and sans polish most of the time.

Jenna Ortega's tips for making it work with less makeup

Jenna Ortega has had a stunning transformation since first appearing on screens in 2012 when she was just ten years old. She grew up in the public eye, and she's not afraid to show the world who she is. Still, we aren't all as confident going makeup-free as she is. Luckily, her tips for looking naturally beautiful can help everyone feel more confident with less help from products.

"If I do wear makeup, I'm going to do the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mascara, some lip balm, and then I might go on with some concealer as well," Ortega told Cosmopolitan of her pared-down makeup routine. "I think when you're spending a lot of time in the sun, you kind of have that natural blush going on, so I don't really worry about anything else like that. Lashes are my favorite thing, so I think mascara is probably the one product that I use every day," she added. She also loves to use an eyelash curler, which is a great way to pare down makeup with your natural lashes looking their best. Ortega also has a go-to for "when I'm concerned or scared or don't know what to do or feel lost in the beauty world," she explained to Glamour. "I just take off all my makeup, then put on a nice burgundy lip and I feel like home. I feel like myself." Whatever she's doing is certainly working; Ortega looks gorgeous exactly as she is.