The Wildest Love Triangles From TLC's 90 Day Fiance

TLC has gained recognition for its wide assortment of reality shows that spotlight the extraordinary lives of people we otherwise wouldn't know anything about. Among the network's most prominent successes in recent years is "90 Day Fiancé," a series that follows multiple couples who have either applied for or already obtained a K-1 visa, which is exclusive to foreign fiancés of American citizens. The question arises: What draws such a broad audience to a show centered on such a specialized topic? 

Howard Lee, the president and general manager of TLC, told The Hollywood Reporter: "I don't think viewers have ever seen this vast array of cultures intersect with Americans before. There is somebody from every country who's been on this series. I'm proud of all the diversity on this series and on the network." While it might be a stretch to claim that representatives from every country have participated in the series, the cultural variety on display since "90 Day Fiancé" premiered in 2014 is undeniably impressive. 

Over the years, the series has more than earned its reputation for drama, but the emergence of several love triangles throughout its run is pretty surprising nonetheless. A number of relationships featured on "90 Day Fiancé" were proven successful and some of the "90 Day" couples are still together, but others had serious troubles with infidelity. These are just some of the messiest love triangles from the hit TLC show thus far.  

Angela Deem, Michael Ilesanmi, and Dr. Michael K. Obeng

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi, once considered a "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After" couple, headed for separation after the explosive revelations during their "Tell-All" episode. This turbulent couple has had more than their fair share of relationship and trust issues. Deem claimed Ilesanmi has cheated on her before, revealing, "So, I don't know if Michael's a scammer [or an] opportunist, all I know is that he was a cheater, he was a liar and he's up to something." Nevertheless, Deem's interactions with her doctor, Dr. Michael K. Obeng, have pushed the boundaries of what's acceptable.  

Her eyebrow-raising behavior caused many viewers to perceive her as crossing the line given her flirtatious rapport with the doctor. In the past, Deem openly expressed her attraction to Dr. Obeng, engaging in spicy exchanges during an examination prior to her breast reduction surgery. The situation took a turn for the worse when it was disclosed that she attended the doctor's private birthday party in Los Angeles. 

To make matters even more complicated, she accepted a ride home from him alone after feeling nauseous during the event. Despite the mess, Deem's Instagram post in June 2023 suggests that she and Ilesanmi are still together. It was subsequently announced that they were among the couples participating in the spin-off, "90 Day: The Last Resort," where participants will be given the chance to repair their relationships. 

Corey Rathgeber, Evelin Villegas, and Larissa Lima

Larissa Lima, Evelin Villegas, and Corey Rathgeber were entangled in a complicated situation behind the scenes, resulting in a rivalry between the two women. Villegas and Rathgeber, who participated in the third season of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way," secretly tied the knot in 2019. Although Villegas must have forgiven Rathgeber, the fact remains that he went all the way to Las Vegas to meet with Lima, which created tension between them. 

Villegas was adamant that nothing happened between them, clarifying, "We met up as friends, that's how it is." He added, "For those saying anything more about that subject are wrong [sic] and creating rumors. ... Evelin is my world. I'm attracted to Evelin not to her," (via Us Weekly). Lima then told the outlet that Rathgeber wanted more than just a meet-up, arguing, "It was a date based on all the effort he made and all the texts he sent to me." 

She reiterated these claims during an Instagram Live (a Reddit fan saved the video and posted it online). The reality star insisted he was demanding a kiss, too. Despite this, Lima remained firm and claimed that she never hooked up with Rathgeber. As per Villegas' Instagram posts, the couple is still together as of August 2023. They even own a bar and restaurant called Engabao Beach Club in Ecuador. 

Daniele Gates, Yohan Geronimo, and Taylen Alexander

One of the couples featured in season 2 of "Love in Paradise: The Caribbean" is Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo. Regrettably, it appears that their romantic journey has come to an end, as Geronimo and Gates decided to part ways after the season concluded. Their on-screen disputes were witnessed by viewers, and it seems that they ultimately reached a breaking point with each other. Gates got major flak from fans when she met up with her former boyfriend, Taylen Alexander, in the Dominican Republic. 

This decision clashed with Geronimo's perspective since he made it clear that he was not comfortable with the fact that the American beauty kept in contact with her ex. Additionally, she faced backlash for her financial decisions, particularly after details about her bankruptcy became known. The show highlighted Gates' resignation from her roles as a history teacher and holistic wellness coach before her trip to the Dominican Republic. 

Furthermore, her decision to forgo her $15,000 pension in favor of manifesting money drew attention. Geronimo has already erased Gates from his Instagram account. As for Gates, she still has the face of the Dominican hunk on her account, but has reportedly already moved on and is dating someone new. She hasn't publicly disclosed the identity of her new partner as of yet.

Geoffrey Paschel, Varya Malina, and Mary Wallace

This trio found themselves wrapped up in a complicated love triangle during season 4 of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." Already notorious within the franchise, Geoffrey Paschel, who has a troubling criminal history, became the focal point of the intricate romantic entanglement involving these two women. In the middle of the triangle was Paschel, with his Russian girlfriend, Varya Malina, and his American partner, Mary Wallace. Paschel embarked on a journey to Russia with the hopes of sealing the deal. His initial goal was to depart as an engaged couple, but things didn't go as planned. 

The situation became increasingly messy when Malina declined his marriage proposal when he arrived. Consequently, Paschal returned to his home country and opted to conclude their relationship instead. After he returned to Tennessee, Paschal initiated a romance with Wallace. The situation escalated when Malina arrived in the U.S. to work on their relationship, only to find out that Paschel was already with Wallace. The two women ended up fighting over Paschel, and he ultimately chose to be with Malina. 

However, some viewers have raised doubts about the authenticity of their confrontation, speculating that it seemed fabricated for the sake of gaining attention. The Knoxville native denied these allegations and said that he had no clue that Malina was going to surprise him. Despite the mess, Malina and Paschel are still together based on the Russian blogger's Instagram account. 

Tarik Myers, Hazel Cagalitan, and Minty

The journey of Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan in Season 8 of "90 Day Fiancé" has taken some peculiar turns due to an unusual condition related to their intended union. A unique situation emerged as they decided to have girlfriends beyond their marital union. As they both attempted to accommodate each other's wishes in one episode, a somewhat ill-conceived idea arose when Myers suggested seeking advice from a former flame. 

The involvement of their former Thai girlfriend, Minty, had previously stirred up problems when Cagalitan discovered that he was maintaining contact with her, despite her implicit wish to sever their connections. The reality star felt threatened since Myers confessed that he was really into Thai women. Minty's sentiments toward Myers extended beyond mere admiration, although it's hard to ascertain her motives for persistently dwelling on the matter. 

His decision to press for a discussion involving Minty and the prospect of adding a third partner was rather perplexing, considering Cagalitan's response upon learning that he had maintained communication with Minty during the onset of the COVID pandemic. This eventually broke their relationship, and Myers has made it clear that he's no longer with Cagalitan though it remains to be seen whether their breakup will stick.