What Grey's Anatomy's Chris Carmack Has Said About Link And Jo's Budding Romance

If you're wondering whatever happened to the cast of "Nashville," you can find one of them, Chris Carmack, on the longtime medical drama "Grey's Anatomy." He joined the show in 2018 as Dr. Atticus Lincoln, also known as Link. His character is an orthopedic surgeon and has been romantically linked with Camilla Luddington's character Jo Wilson.

In September 2021, before the Season 18 release of "Grey's Anatomy," Carmack and Luddington spoke with ET about their characters and the upcoming season. Luddington referred to Link as Jo's "bestie." When the interviewer asked about the chemistry between their characters and if their relationship would ever blossom into a romantic one, Luddington said that Link and Jo were leaning on each other at the time due to Jo's struggles as a single mom and Link's recent breakup. Carmack added, "Link's kind of the support for the parental aspect of Jo's life, and she's kind of the support for the romantic aspect of his life. And they're really filling a void in each other's lives at the moment."

However, later in Season 18 Link told Jo he used to have a crush on her. Things heated up when the two of them hooked up. During an argument, Jo told Link she had fallen in love with him. She told him she didn't say it before to protect their friendship, but Link did not say he loved her back before she walked away. 

Carmack believes there's more to the story of Link and Jo

At the 2023 Paleyfest in Los Angeles, prior to the release of the "Grey's Anatomy" Season 19 finale, Chris Carmack and Camilla Luddington were interviewed by ExtraTV. When asked what she wants to happen in Season 20, Luddington said she wanted her character Jo to find love. Carmack quipped, "You don't have to look very far, I mean," referring to his character Link as the answer. Luddington brought up how Jo told Link she loved him and he didn't say it back, prompting Carmack to reply, "I was frozen! I was frozen!"

Carmack was open about his desire for the show to explore more of Link and Jo. He said, "I think, and I hope, the story of Link and Jo has a lot more in front of it. So I think there's a lot more to tell there, and I can't imagine them not exploring it further."

In an interview with ET at the same event, Carmack also spoke about how no matter what happens, Link and Jo will support and care for each other. He hinted that some things may be answered down the line, and it turns out he was foreshadowing the end of Season 19. 

Carmack seems to be getting his wish

"Grey's Anatomy" has had its fair share of heartbreaking moments, but it can get heartwarming sometimes too. On example happens in the finale of Season 19, when viewers got to see Chris Carmack's character Link finally tell Camilla Luddington's character Jo that he loves her. Similar to the scene when Jo said it in the previous season, it started with an argument that culminated into a confession. Link said, "It's not semantics, Jo, it's love! I'm in love with you, Jo. I'm so completely in love with you. How do you not see that?" He went on to describe just how much he loves her, and in a lovely turn of events, Jo said it back. The duo then shared a romantic kiss in the rain.

The uploaded clip on the ABC YouTube channel showing this scene has many comments from fans thrilled that Jo and Link have finally both confessed their feelings. One commenter said, "And they lived happily ever after. That's it. ... No more drama!"

Another commenter, also nervous about potential future drama for Link and Jo, said, "Please Grey's let this be endgame. No crisis, no divorces, no death, no letters. Thank you."