Why Dream Home Makeover's Shea And Syd McGee Waited To Have A Third Child

If you're a fan of home design shows, then you'll likely recognize Shea and Syd McGee as the hosts of Netflix's "Dream Home Makeover." In the series, the married couple helps make dreams come true for families across the country who are looking to redesign their homes.

Besides being the stars of their own home improvement show, the McGees are also founders of design firm Studio McGee, authors of "Make Life Beautiful," and parents to three daughters. That's right, throughout their massive interior design success, the couple has also been busy growing their family. While their oldest daughters were born in 2013 and 2016, their youngest daughter was a later addition to the household, being born in July 2021.

Fans of the couple might wonder about the age gap between the children, but it's likely that the business duo were focused on building their brand in the years before their third daughter was born. With this in mind, here's everything we know about why Shea and Syd McGee waited to have a third child.

The McGees were likely busy with their professional lives

Before kicking off their Netflix show, Syd and Shea McGee found success on Instagram and YouTube, creating the web series "House to Home" in 2016. By this time, they were already parents to their two oldest daughters, Wren and Ivy. It wasn't until 2021 that the two welcomed their youngest daughter, Margot, to the family.

While not explicitly stated, the five-year gap between their second and third daughter can likely be attributed to their professional growth. In those five years, the couple established their first brick-and-mortar storefront, partnered with Target, published their own book, and landed their Netflix show. Even though they took some time off from expanding their family, it appeared to always be part of the plan.

"I feel like I've always known that there was a third one waiting for us. And so just to have her here feels like I can take a deep breath," Shea told People in 2021. "That rush of emotion doesn't change for me. Even though she was our third, it was still really, really special. And with her, it was just like, we've been waiting a long time for you."

Shea and Syd opened up about their family dynamic

Even though Shea and Syd McGee seem to have taken a different family planning route with their third daughter, it's a decision that appears to have worked out well for the household.

When they first announced baby number three, Shea reflected on how the new baby would result in a different family dynamic, telling People, "Last time I had a baby I had another baby to take care of too, so it was crazy. Now, I'm feeling like our girls are going to really take on the responsibility of being helpers and they're really, really excited."

After Margot turned one in 2022, the McGees spoke to E! News about the relationship between their three kids. "Everyone is just fighting to be the babysitter, which is a good problem to have," Shea said, with Syd adding, "I think the gap helped big time. Because it's nine, six, and then one. That has been awesome."