What Happened To The Matte Makeup Organizer After Shark Tank?

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If you're someone who has a lengthy morning routine to get ready for leaving the house, you're likely all too familiar with the number of tools and products necessary to look and feel empowered and confident. The trouble? There's not enough space in most people's bathrooms to put it all. It's a struggle of getting ready that plenty of people can relate to, but it doesn't have to be this way. Thankfully, entrepreneur Melissa Clayton heard the cry for help and created a simple but ingenious solution: The Matte. 

The Matte is a patented foldable mat that can rest on top of any sink to create a sturdy countertop for extra space. It comes with tiny indents to keep your precious makeup products from rolling off, and it can hold up to two pounds. This is a definite plus for those who use lots of different skincare, beauty, and hair products while getting ready. 

The Matte's compact foldable design makes it a perfect travel companion and also allows users to customize it to their own sink. The product targeted people living in small apartments, dorms, and hotels. Given the number of people in these settings and the commonality of the issue, you'd think the Sharks would've jumped at the opportunity to invest when Clayton appeared on "Shark Tank," but most weren't too impressed. They may have gotten it wrong, however, as The Matte is still going strong years later.

Kevin O'Leary wasn't a fan of The Matte

Matte creator Melissa Clayton walked into the Tank asking for $100,000 in exchange for 20% of her company. At the time of filming, The Matte had lifetime sales of $200,000 over three years, with $20,000 of that coming in over the 30 days prior to filming. Clayton garnered these sales through word-of-mouth and working with influencers.

As soon as the pitch ended, Kevin O'Leary expressed his skepticism about the product. Clayton explained that The Matte was selling for $24.99, with a cost of $7 landed to make the product. To which O'Leary replied, "Melissa, I haven't even bought it, and I want my money back. In this product and opportunity, all I see is a barn," referencing his iconic line where he told entrepreneurs to take their business into the barn and shoot it. After O'Leary backed out, Mark Cuban chimed in to say that he saw the product's merits as a father to young girls, but it wasn't his area of expertise, so he bowed out. 

Kendra Scott and Barbara Corcoran revealed they had dealt with cramped bathrooms as children with several siblings, so they understood the inspiration behind the product. But Scott didn't invest because she felt The Matte's name didn't align with the solution. Cochran didn't make an offer because the business didn't feel investable. However, Lori Greiner offered $100,000 for 33.3% equity,and Clayton accepted. After Clayton left the tank, O'Leary joked that they should have a moment of silence for the $100,000 that just died.

The Matte is still in business today

It's unclear if The Matte actually closed the deal with Lori Greiner because she hasn't been spotted promoting her invention, and the company's socials don't mention her much. But The Matte is still in business, and you can purchase it on Amazon or the company's website for about $35. Since the episode aired in 2021, the brand has only added a travel bag to its product list, and it continues to sell the pink and black variant of The Matte. 

As of 2023, The Matte has reportedly garnered $6 million in sales, with an estimated annual revenue of $500,000, according to The Gazette Review. Like most companies that appear on Shark Tank, The Matte got a sales boost after Clayton's appearance, and orders apparently got so out of control that Clayton enlisted her family's help in packing the products. In a blog post, Clayton gushed about how the show helped her, writing, "The power of the show was pretty amazing to me for me, for The Matte and for Tiny Tags. We've received so many emails inquiring about product partnerships, and potential internship opportunities for people in my town."

The Matte holds a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, and the critical reviews mostly complain about the product being too flimsy. The company isn't too active on social media. It seems like Clayton has turned The Matte into more of a side hustle to focus on her fine jewelry brand, Tiny Tags, which has been worn by Meryl Streep. Clayton has also joined THE NORTH, a non-profit that helps foster women's entrepreneurship, according to her LinkedIn profile.