How RHOC's Briana Culberson Kicked Her Botox Habit

It's the sad truth of reality TV shows: There's a lot of pressure to maintain an unrealistic standard of beauty. The stars of "Real Housewives of Orange County" know this all too well. From over-the-top purchases to rounds of plastic surgery, the popular show has many instances where excess and the need for good looks are put on display.

Briana Culberson, the daughter of Vicki Gunvalson, "Real Housewives of Orange County" personality, has also felt pressured to keep up with the beauty culture in Orange County, California. This pressure led Culberson to undergo Botox multiple times. In her words, she became addicted to the cosmetic procedure. "Coming from Orange County, CA (Botox capital of the world), I'm a former Botox addict," she wrote in an Instagram story on Aug. 27, 2023. "I started getting it consistently at 27 years old and mannn it was fun and addicting!"

However, Culberson was determined to beat the habit. By adopting a healthier lifestyle, the reality TV star was able to say goodbye to Botox for good.

These products are better than Botox, Culberson says

Briana Culberson and her husband Ryan run a family Instagram account where they keep fans up to date on what's going on in their lives. The Instagram page, which has more than 200,000 followers, promotes healthy living by highlighting the clean meals the family eats. "Focusing on family wellness. Simple clean lifestyle," their profile reads. "Eat whole foods, avoid processed sugars/seed oils, remove toxins in the home, daily movement."

For Culberson, investing in a healthier lifestyle meant banning Botox from her life. In her Instagram story, Briana explained that kicking her Botox habit to the curb was made easier when she found cleaner alternatives to the procedure. "This is what I do now instead of Botox," she said before listing several healthier alternatives she's using. She now eats clean, whole foods with an emphasis on "animal fats." Culberson also takes CBD Beauty Boost and two to six Longevity softgels from Young Living, with the latter product assisting her in her battle with lupus. Finally, she adds a scoop of the company's Inner Beauty Collagen to her coffee every morning.

"My current goal in life is overall wellness," Culberson captioned her story, as captured by BravoTV, adding, "I'm not so much concerned with looks, although that is important to us in our own way. I have years of unhealthy habits that I'm working to avoid/undo. But health and wellness are the main focus."