Whatever Happened To My 600-Lb Life's Nathan & Amber Prater?

"My 600-Lb Life" could easily have become a fat-shaming show, but instead, the popular TLC series takes a thoughtful look at its subjects and shows the very real medical and psychological issues underlying morbid obesity. Plus, the show features Younan Nowzaradan, M.D., one of the top specialists in bariatric surgery. For many of the featured patients, Dr. Now is their last best hope for regaining their lives and health.

One of the more memorable storylines of "My 600-Lb Life" occurred in Season 10, featuring a married couple who went on their weight loss journey together. Nathan Prater consulted Dr. Now because his weight was interfering with his job as a high school theater teacher. He rose to the surgeon's challenge to lose weight on his own to prove his commitment. However, when he brought his wife, Amber, to his follow-up appointment, Dr. Now noted she also had a serious weight problem, and recommended they both work on qualifying for the procedure together. Amber, who'd previously had weight loss surgery as a teenager, wasn't crazy about the idea — "this journey was supposed to truly be about Nathan and his health and well-being," she said (per People) — but finally agreed to work as a team. After considerable work and struggle, the Praters both eventually had the surgery, and by the end of their segment, Nathan had dropped nearly 250 pounds. But half the battle of weight loss is maintaining it. How are they doing two years later?

Nathan is living his best life

When TLC viewers first saw Nathan Prater, both his job and his marriage were in jeopardy as a result of his excess weight. He was determined to turn his life around, and now he's one of the stars of "My 600-Lb Life" who looks considerably different today versus when they began. Having lost nearly 300 pounds, Nathan has more health and energy to maintain an active life. He just began his 16th year of teaching high school theater in his Texas hometown while also working a side hustle as a server in a local steakhouse. His Facebook page — in which he calls himself "N Duane" — includes humorous observations on teaching, an Amazon "clear my list" request for school supplies, and quotes reflecting his Christian faith. 

Nathan's current goals include writing a play (he's not sure yet what the topic would be) and buying a house for himself and his family. He also appears to be committed to continuing his weight loss journey; in June 2023, he announced he was beginning work with a personal trainer. "I'm a little nervous but gotta do it," he wrote. Happily, his marriage to wife Amber also seems to be back on track. A July post announced he was enjoying a moment of relaxation at home before going out with "my beautiful wife" later. "God has definitely blessed me with a peace I don't always know," Nathan concluded. 

Amber Prater is chasing her dream job

Amber Prater is also thriving. While her current weight hasn't been made public, her online photos show she has made considerable progress — and that she's sticking to her healthy eating plan. A recent photo shows an impressive collection of water flavorings and skinny syrups. "I might have traded my food addiction for a water addiction," she joked. The "600-Lb Life" star has other ambitious goals for herself, too. Currently a Special Education Diagnostician Clerk for their local school district, she's hoping to go into the classroom as a special-ed teacher. Her summer 2023 Facebook posts reveal she qualified to go for her master's degree in special education, and she'll be studying online at Southern New Hampshire University.  

Amber's posts also confirm that her marriage to Nathan has improved from the days when she felt more like his caregiver than his wife. On Father's Day 2023, she gave him a special shout-out for being a wonderful stepdad to her two children from a previous relationship. "Today I celebrate the love of my life we have come so far and we have so far still to go," she wrote. "Most importantly today thank you for loving the kids as your own, for giving them your all even when you didn't think it was enough."

It looks like the Praters' success story extends far beyond their weight loss journey.