Signs Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria And Husband Daniel Might Split

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling got married in 2010. In true fairytale fashion, the Prince was not a royal — instead, he was the future Queen's personal trainer. This wasn't the first time the Swedish couple would walk to their own tempo — even their wedding defied royal traditions. Now parents of two, Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have enjoyed a comfortable tenure while awaiting the throne. But in 2022, rumors swirled concerning infidelity and oncoming divorce in their union — reportedly from credible sources.

Speculation about their potential split began all the way back in 2022. The royals shared a joint statement dispelling the rumors in February 2022, via an Instagram post. Since then, the speculation has not died down: Prince Daniel moved to address the matter again in August 2023. "Many friends from across Sweden and overseas have got in touch and things arrived at a certain point where we felt we could no longer accept it," he said in an interview on SVT (per The Independent). "I don't think there is any reasonable person who believes in this rumor." Even though the royals have addressed these accusations twice, there are still a few signs that have left the public questioning if their marriage could be in peril.

The Swedish Royal Court was skeptical of their marriage

Nowadays, there's a long list of royals who married "commoners" for the sake of true love. But that doesn't mean these unions are readily accepted by high society or the public — just look to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The same can be said for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, who began dating in 2002 but didn't tie the knot until 2010.

In her biography "Victoria — Queen of the Time," the Crown Princess opened up about the plights of receiving her family's blessing. "They wanted to make it clear that I would get the best possible support and backing for my job now and the future," she wrote of convincing her parents, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, to bless the union, per Hello Magazine. "How could they know Daniel could give me that? How would he do it?" 

It was also reported that Swedish high society doubted Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's relationship would ever graduate to marriage. Originally from the suburbs of Sweden, Prince Daniel had a country accent and what they considered a "commoner" background that the elites looked down upon, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. There's no doubt that these outside pressures have the potential to put a strain on such a public marriage.

The infidelity rumors allegedly came from insider sources

In 2022, Swedish outlet Stoppa Pressarna published the first reports that Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's marriage might be in serious trouble. According to the inflammatory article, a source from the Royals' inner circle shared news of a betrayal that devastated the Princess. It also claimed that the Swedish Court — which initially trained Prince Daniel on how to become a royal — was working hard to cover it up.

When the royal couple denied these rumors shortly after, a journalist involved with the story wouldn't back down. "We had very credible informants, including special police guards and other staff close to the couple," journalist Daniel Nyhlen said (per The Independent). "I really had no qualms about it. This is about Sweden's constitution."

While Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel hardly make outward statements about their personal family life, they felt moved to address these reports. They posted a joint statement on Instagram that read: "Normally, we do not comment on rumors and speculation. But in order to protect our family, we wish to make it clear, once and for all, that the rumors that are now spreading are completely baseless." (per Hello Magazine)

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel weren't making public appearances together

In 2022, Swedish tabloids reported that after Prince Daniel's infidelity, the couple sought out new living arrangements — separate from each other. This aligned with Crown Princess Victoria's recent public outings, notably without her husband. Almost a year after the original story about Prince Daniel's alleged betrayal broke, the rumors swelled up again. Once again, the public noticed that the royal couple had kept to themselves quite a bit.

While the Crown Princess attended events with their two children, Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle, her husband was nowhere to be seen. However, the royal court stood firm in denying all allegations of tension within the family. In this denial, however, they fed the flames a bit more — admitting that this speculation was much more serious than rumors of the past. Margareta Thorgren, chief of communications for the Swedish Royals, denied that their time apart in the public eye reflected any personal issues. "This is exceptional, and we have not encountered this before," she said of the situation (per Daily Mail).