HGTV Star Christina Hall's Pet Shared The Name Of Hollywood's Most Famous Couple

While Christina Hall became a popular HGTV figure through shows like "Flip or Flop" and "Christina on the Coast," she's shifted her focus to rural living and rustic renovations in the 2023 series "Christina in the Country." Not only does the show see Christina expanding her renovation business and exploring nearby Nashville, but it also depicts her taking part in country traditions such as horseback riding and raising chickens.

The Hall family seems to have taken particularly well to their pet chickens, as they've regularly appeared on Christina's Instagram following their "Christina in the Country" debut. In fact, followers of the HGTV star got to know one chicken in particular, as the silkie Bennifer quickly became a family favorite.

While the pet's name came about after the family had misidentified the sex of the chicken, it also serves as a really fun nod to one of Hollywood's most famous couples. Though the Hall family unfortunately lost their friend Bennifer in March 2023, their fond memories of the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez-named chicken will always remain.

Hall's chicken shares a name with the Affleck-Lopez ship name

Those who keep up with Hollywood gossip will recognize "Bennifer" as the iconic portmanteau/relationship name for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. While we don't think it was a coincidence that Christina Hall's silkie chicken shares this name with such a noteworthy Hollywood duo, the story behind its name is even more complex than you might think.

Fans first got a glimpse of the fluffy bird in episode six of "Christina in the Country," in which Hall introduces her children to their new coop and flock. During the segment, Taylor, then aged 12, can be seen holding the silver-feathered pet, later admitting that her favorite chicken is Jennifer. The silkie would be referred to as both Jennifer and Hennifer afterward, with the little guy showing up on Hall's Instagram in the following weeks.

In December of 2022, the HGTV star similarly took to Instagram to share that the bird was taking on a third iteration of its name. "So we have a chicken named Jennifer who we found out is now Bennifer," she explained in an Instagram Live, mentioning that an expert had correctly identified the chicken's sex. "I truly thought it was a girl. Silkies are a complicated species because they kind of all look like girls" (per Heavy).

Bennifer was attacked in March 2023

While Bennifer quickly became a part of Christina Hall's family, with both the HGTV star and her children seeming to take to the little critter, he was unfortunately lost to a wild animal attack in March 2023. Hall took to Instagram to post a collection of photos to honor Bennifer, including a few of her and her son holding the little guy. She explained in the caption what happened to their beloved pet.

"We lost our sweet Hennifer/Bennifer to a predator who got into our pen," Hall wrote. "Josh was in Tennessee last weekend and found a pile of feathers. And unfortunately, they were his. Never thought I could be so attached to a chicken but this was one special chicken. Bennifer was the only chicken who was eaten out of all 16 of our chickens. Ben you'll be missed."

Hall's fans were sympathetic about her loss, posting their condolences on Instagram. One said, "Silkies are such neat chickens. Sadly predators can happen at any point, even with the best coop. Sorry for your loss!" while another theorized, "He was probably protecting the flock and that is why all the rest of them are alive ... Sorry for your loss; he was a noble gent."

Even if Bennifer's stay with the Hall family was short-lived, the little guy will forever be remembered as just as iconic as his celebrity ship name counterpart — at least in our hearts.