What We Know About Hallmark Real-Life Pair Peter Mooney And Sarah Power

Don't you just love it when your favorite Hallmark characters collide? You did a little happy dance when Abigail finally got together with Donovan in "Good Witch," and swooned with romantic delight when Sean rekindled his relationship with Abby in "Retreat to You" — and now you can give a giant fist-bump of giddy glee for Abigail and Sean getting together in real life. Or, rather, the actors who play them.

Sarah Power and Peter Mooney are happily married, share one child together, and are living their best lives, all while filming various Hallmark Channel projects and movies. Both actors are originally from Canada, one of Hallmark's favorite places to film, and have made their way back and forth from their home country to Los Angeles to star in various projects.

And while it would complete the fantasy if these two lovebirds met and fell in love on a Hallmark movie set, the duo actually started dating before either one of them signed on with the network.

Sarah Power and Peter Mooney's relationship timeline

It was June 5, 2014, when Sarah Power and Peter Mooney had their first date. The two were already established actors, and had each appeared in a handful of films, as well as a few Canadian TV series. Their relationship progressed fairly quickly, and by 2016, Power had posted a picture of her engagement ring on Instagram, noting she tried to be cool about the whole thing but couldn't contain her excitement.

The couple were married in January 2017, with Power wearing a silky white halter dress and Mooney in a dark suit and tie. On the occasion of their anniversary five years later, Power posted a throwback photo from their wedding, writing, "5 crazy years later, I have never loved him more."

Season 5 of "Good Witch" wrapped in December 2018, and that same month, Power revealed a baby was on the way for the couple. The actor posted a photo on social media of a several-months-along baby bump, letting fans know she was secretly pregnant while filming most of her scenes for the TV show. Their daughter was born in Spring 2019, and Power wasn't shy about calling her husband a DILF as he cradled the babe.

The Mooney and Power Hallmark connection

While Sarah Power and Peter Mooney didn't meet because of the Hallmark Channel, the couple has been connected via the network in various ways. Power made her Hallmark debut in "Good Witch" in 2015, and has starred in the Christmas movies "Our Italian Christmas Memories" and "Nantucket Noel." Mooney started in 2022 with the movie "Fly Away With Me," and followed it up with "Retreat to You." 

Another connection? Power's "Good Witch" character Abigail fell in love with Donovan, played by actor Mark Bendavid. Bendavid is actually one of Mooney's best friends, the two having attended theater school together in Canada. "I've known him for years," Power explained to TV Fanatic about working with Bendavid on the show. "My husband and baby would be in my trailer and Mark would just come to hang out. It really added to the family feel of our set."

As for any awkwardness one might expect with kissing your best friend's wife, Bendavid assured TV Fanatic it was more amusing than anything else. "I've known her husband for 20 years, and he comes to set, and we all get a hoot out of the fact that we're playing make-believe in such an intimate way ... there hasn't been any weirdness." Now all that's left is to cast both Power and Mooney in the same Hallmark movie together. We're waiting!