General Hospital Love Story Relived: Drew And Sam

Soap star Billy Miller was most recognized as Jason Morgan/Drew Cain on "General Hospital." While many "GH" fans always think of the relationship between Jason and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) when Jason's name comes up, some may have forgotten that Drew and Sam were also romantically entangled. After Steve Burton departed the role of Jason in 2012, Miller soon came along to put his own spin on the character in 2014. After escaping from cryogenic stasis at the Crichton Clark facility, Miller's Jason was struck by a car and had to have his face reconstructed (along with a healthy dose of amnesia), which explained why he looked different from Burton. At first, he had amnesia and went by the name Jake Doe. 

He had bonded with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) who soon figured out that he was actually Jason, but kept the secret so he wouldn't go back to Sam. After struggling with mind control from the evil Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), Jake was able to break free. Of course, the truth came out eventually, and Jake's memories as Jason started to come back. He left Elizabeth, but Sam decided that they should get a divorce and start over with a clean slate. They began to date, and after an adventure on Cassadine Island in 2016, Sam learned that she was pregnant.

Sam and Jason got married on General Hospital

After returning to Port Charles, Jason and Sam didn't tell anyone about her pregnancy, especially when she thought she had malaria. As it happened, she didn't, and the two planned to get married. Sam asked her mother, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), to be her matron of honor, while Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) became Jason's best man. Rounding out the gang, computer hacker Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), Jason's best friend, officiated their wedding. In 2017, Sam's evil aunt, Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker), kidnapped her and in the kerfuffle, she ended up falling off a bridge into ice-cold water. However, Jason rescued her, helped deliver their baby, Scout, and got her to General Hospital.

Soon, a person known only as Patient 6, who looked just like Jason Morgan before the reconstructive surgery, came to Port Charles. He claimed to be Jason, but everyone thought he was an imposter. It turned out that the man formerly known as Patient 6 was the real Jason Morgan, while the one who married Sam was actually his long-lost twin brother, Andrew "Drew" Cain. The two had been pawns in a memory-mapping experiment by Helena Cassadine and international villain Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) to create the perfect assassin. Jason's memories had been implanted in his twin's brain. Drew eventually reconciled with the truth, but he and Sam remained married for a time.

Eventually, Sam left Drew for the real Jason

Drew Cain and Samantha McCall created a company called Aurora Media. Together, they raised Scout as well as Sam's son with the real Jason Morgan, Danny. Even though dangerous situations had bonded them, Sam still had feelings for Jason, and eventually, she and Drew split up. They agreed to co-parent Scout and tried hard working at their business, but it just wasn't the same while being apart, so Sam eventually signed over her half of Aurora to Drew. 

Eventually, it was learned that David Henry Archer aka Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), who was leading a cult called Dawn of Day, had previously helped capture Drew for the memory-mapping scheme. After he was taken down, Drew found that Shiloh had a great deal of stolen money from Afghanistan, so he took it upon himself to return it to the people there. However, his plane mysteriously went down over the Gulf of Aden, and Drew was presumed dead for two years.

It turned out he'd been imprisoned by Peter August (Wes Ramsey) and Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy), but managed to make a short phone call to Sam. Her instincts kicked in, and feeling he was still alive, she became instrumental in his rescue. Sam helped him reconnect with Scout after his two-year absence and still remains a part of his life.