PinkyDoll: 9 Facts About The Streamer And TikTok Star

Fedha Sinon, better known as PinkyDoll, became a social media sensation in 2023. From popping popcorn with a hair straightener to "eating" ice cream tokens to poking bubbles, her content wasted no time in ruling TikTok. In a chat with Insider, the Montreal-based personality shared the inspiration behind her online moniker: "I love the color pink, and I look like a doll." 

PinkyDoll didn't always have her sights set on TikTok stardom; she only became a dedicated content creator when she found herself out of work. "I needed money to feed my kid and pay the bills. I had no job," she told Vice in a 2023 interview. While streaming one day, she more or less stumbled into the PinkyDoll character. "I was doing a live, and somebody sent me a beautiful gift, a real big gift. And I was like, 'Yes yes yes!'" she told the Daily Beast. "And then I was saying that, and people continued to send gifts. So I was like, 'OK, there's a reaction to my stuff now.'" Realizing she was onto something, she went all in on her TikTok character, and the views (and gifts) rolled in. "I decided to put all my effort on TikTok to make money, and I wasn't expecting to go viral and make all that money. It was a shock," she said in Vice.

But who is PinkyDoll when she's not making content? It's time to get to know her because she'll likely be in the spotlight for a long time.

Her TikTok Live streams make her $7,000 a day

PinkyDoll has become an enormous success in a relatively short amount of time. She has found a niche that sets her apart, and her content now earns her big money. She told Vice in July 2023 interview that at that point, she was working six hours a day and making $7,000 a shift. It's a lot of cash, but she has big plans for it. As she told the Daily Beast in 2023, "I'm probably going to do real estate, like buy a house, things like that."

She is an NPC streamer, meaning "non-playable character," a reference to the background characters in video games. But becoming the, as her Instagram bio reads, "NPC queen," wasn't her initial goal. "Before this took off, I was a stay-at-home mom and an aspiring influencer," she shared with Insider in August 2023. "When I was doing a live stream one day, my connection cut out, which made the video glitch. Someone commented, 'omg, you look like an NPC.'" As she recalled in a separate chat with The New York Times, "I was just being cute. I remember someone saying, 'Oh my God, you look like an NPC. And then they start sending me, like, crazy money."

She loves her job

The amount of money PinkyDoll makes creating content would appeal to most people, but this is not the only reason she is a streamer. She also loves what she does. "I kinda love to go live and reacting to gifts," she said in a 2023 interview with Vice. "There are so many and the views going up is boosting me." The star is ambitious, driven, and unafraid of hard work; she told Insider, "I don't get tired while doing it because I see the views going up, and all the gifts I'm getting make me energetic."

She is exceptionally dedicated to making content, spending hours without breaking character. "I go [live] three times a day, and maybe one to two hours per stream," she told Daily Beast in 2023. Speaking of her livestreams, she said, "It's kind of fun. I'm just sitting here and saying stuff.... It came naturally, I don't know."

She's doing something right in the eyes of her fans because they are eating up her content — just like she eats those ice cream gifts. Mm, ice cream so good, indeed

PinkyDoll doesn't believe her TikToks are fetish content

Non-playable characters (NPC) are secondary characters in video games that, as the name suggests, cannot be played; rather, they are controlled by the computer. Some people have called content where real humans pretend to be NPCs a fetish. PinkyDoll, a gamer in real life, does not see her content that way, as her videos are not sexual in nature. 

"I was just looking for something new I could do on TikTok, and there are even rules on the platform about how sexual you can be," she said in Insider. "But honestly, if people want to consider it fetish content, that's fine by me. They're only saying that because I have a great body and I look great, so people consider it a fetish. I'm getting paid either way." While her NPC TikToks are not sexually explicit, PinkyDoll does have an OnlyFans. 

Her success still feels surreal

PinkyDoll's star continues to rise. She has received requests for interviews from multiple publications. She's already worked with retail giant Fashion Nova. She has high-profile fans. And her success happened quickly: As she told the Daily Beast, she only got her start in NPC content in January 2023.

Her name is everywhere, and she can't quite believe how popular she is. "I think it's crazy. People are talking about it, people are like, 'Wow.' They're making jokes; they're copying me now. It's insane; it never stops," PinkyDoll said in the Daily Beast. She also noted that her phone never stops lighting up with notifications — though some of the messages are not exactly charming. As she dished to the outlet, she's had some strange requests from fans who have asked her for "weird stuff." "They're gonna pay me $4k just to come and sh** in front of them. I'm like, 'No, thank you.' It's insane," she said.

Apart from the unusual requests, she's enjoying her career. "I'm going to be doing NPC for a while," she told the publication. And when she gets tired of streaming, a music career could be in her future. She released a single, "Ice Cream So Good," in collaboration with Fashion Nova, in August 2023. And on October 1, 2023, she posted a photo of herself in the studio on Instagram to tease a new project. "I'm doing this for us ladies," she wrote in the caption.

PinkyDoll has a child

PinkyDoll has kept details of her private life out of the spotlight, and little is known about her son. However, what is known is how much she loves him, and she's working hard to give him a better life. "I didn't have an easy childhood, and I'm a single mom who's found a way to provide for my family," she shared with Insider. "My plan was never to be famous — my plan was to make money to support my family."

Her son is her motivation, and she wants to ensure his life differs from what she experienced. "I know what it's like to grow up with nothing, and I'm going to make sure he doesn't," she told the outlet. PinkyDoll seems grateful to have a platform like TikTok to create her content and wants others to accomplish this. "I'm not the kind of person who wants to keep success only to herself. I want everyone to get in on it," she shared.

She has celebrity fans

When PinkyDoll started making content, it was a way to make ends meet. She never would have expected to have the celebrity following that she has, which includes Tiffany Fong, Keke Palmer, and Timbaland.

"In my DM I got famous rappers, hockey players, NBA players that keep writing me to keep pushing, encouraging me to go to the next level and congrats me," she told Vice in 2023. Chatting with Insider about her meteoric ascent, she revealed, "At one point, Timbaland was my top fan. I didn't see that coming." As The New York Times pointed out, he even reposted one of her videos to his TikTok account. This was a big deal for the streamer, who posted a screenshot of Timbaland's videos to her Instagram. In the caption, she called the music producer "the king."

"I feel like I'm a brand new style ... I was surprised to see how many people love me," PinkyDoll told Vice. "Everyone on TikTok trying to do like me it's insane."

PinkyDoll denied lightening her skin

In 2023, PinkyDoll attended the Streamy Awards to present Streamer of the Year. However, her appearance sparked criticism, with some accusing her of deliberately lightening her skin in her streams.

"The fact pinky doll tricked the colorists and the algorithms," a user wrote on X (formerly Twitter). Another commenter on X stated, "Pinky doll look so good the way she looks in real life, why she faking her appearance for TikTok." Rapper Vic Mensa also weighed in on the backlash (although he doesn't know her personally), telling TMZ, "It's a deeper issue than a person; the aspiration to a European beauty standard influences people to think they have to be of a lighter complexion."

PinkyDoll initially posted three photos of herself from the night on Instagram, not mentioning the criticism and sharing her great outfit with fans. But she must have seen the chatter online and responded to what was said about her in an interview with TMZ. "Well, you know, when I go to the sun, I can get a little darker," she said of her complexion. "It's life, what can I do? And I love to be a Black woman, the f*** do you mean? ... I think they're just hating."

Her work has impacted her relationships

PinkyDoll is enjoying success in her work, but her busy schedule and dedication to making content have impacted her relationships. When asked by the Daily Beast, if she had a partner, she responded, "I used to have one, but because of the fact that I'm blowing[up], I'm working more, I don't have time for him, we broke up. I think it's kind of sad, you know because we couldn't make it together."

"I don't wanna talk bad about him," she added in response to a prompt about whether her ex was "jealous" of her newfound fame.

There may be other people she can connect with, though, and she's already shown an interest in Canadian rapper Drake. In a TikTok video from July 2023, PinkDoll shared a clip from Drake's interview with Bobbi Althoff. In it, he can be heard revealing what type of women he is interested in. "I like someone with a sense of humor, you know? I don't know, like ... cosplay," he said. PinkyDoll then switches the camera to herself and tells Drake to "call her." 

She's not bothered by her haters

Not everyone is a fan of the content PinkyDoll is making. While she has many fans, she has also received her fair share of haters. But they're not making her lose sleep at night or causing her distress. "There's a lot of people that hate that sh** but I don't mind," she told Daily Beast. "I really don't mind. I make that money, so I don't care. And anyways, my fans got my back. They answer for me, they talk back for me, so I'm good."

She said something similar regarding her haters in an interview with Vice in 2023, writing them off as "jealous." Her attitude toward the hate is inspiring; streamers are subject to much criticism, but she's just rolling with it. "I don't really care what people say about me," she told The New York Times. "If they want to think I am this or that, it's fine with me. At the end of the day. I'm winning." 

Clearly, PinkyDoll is living her life for herself. "I don't need anyone approval to live my life how I want to," she wrote on Instagram in September 2023. "Bad b for life."