Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn On Why Their Breakup Would Be Disastrous For Days - Exclusive Interview

Many of the couples on "Days of Our Lives" have had extreme ups and downs over the years, sometimes getting to a point where they're finally done. However, there are a few that have remained through thick and thin, and one such pairing is Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and John Black (Drake Hogestyn). Despite forces that would keep them apart, such as Stefano DiMera's (Joseph Mascolo) brainwashing of John causing him to forget Marlena for a time, the two have overcome adversity over and over again. That's why they remain a super couple.

At the 2023 fan event "Day of Days" hosted by Peacock on October 21, not only did we get to unpack all the excitement from the sudser's new trailer, but The List also had the good fortune to exclusively speak with Hall and Hogestyn — and we couldn't help but ask: Is it time to switch things up in their on-screen relationship? Hall was quick to respond, "I think it's important that they are rock solid," likening the couple to other pairings such as Tom and Alice Horton (Macdonald Carey and Frances Reid) and Doug and Julie Williams (Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes). "We need [those] central core characters to stabilize the show. You've got to have a safe place. You've got to know where you belong, you've got to know who to trust, and it's essential for that. So I see no reason to change it."

Hogestyn appreciates where John and Marlena are now

As for Drake Hogestyn? He also appreciates the fact that this soap opera couple has had the rare chance to stay happily married, exclusively explaining to The List, "Where we are in our run on 'Days,' it's important for the audience to know that there's longevity in a marriage and there can be ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you're going to go to bed without fighting and you're going to face tomorrow together with a smile on your face." Talk about refreshing, especially considering couples like Xander Cook and Sarah Horton (Paul Telfer and Linsey Godfrey) can never seem to catch a break and stay together very long on the show.

That said, Hogestyn knows small bits of adversity could still come their way. "They might bump heads about the grandkids now or something like that," he shared. However, they'll be facing it together. "I like where we are," the actor remarked. And we do, too, because if John and Marlena can't stay together for long, what chance do any of the other couples have?