Queen Elizabeth's Childhood Friend Suggests Meghan Markle Wasn't Prepared For 'Boring' Royal Life

When Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, in a stunning wedding ceremony watched by millions all over the world, it felt like the finale of a Hallmark Christmas movie: American commoner charms handsome prince! Hopes ran high that the newlyweds would enjoy that happily-ever-after life. Yet, just a few short years later, those hopes were spectacularly dashed. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the royal family to live their best lives in the States, then used their newfound freedom to speak out about their experience. 

While Harry got real about the downside of being the royal "spare," Meghan opened up about being harassed so ruthlessly by the media that she nearly succumbed to total despair. Those in the Sussexes corner applauded their courage and honesty, while loyalists rolled their eyes and called them whiners (and worse). Newly joining the latter group is Anne Tennant, Lady Glenconner, who knows a little something about royal life herself. The socialite was one of the late Queen Elizabeth II's maids of honor, and she later went on to become Princess Margaret's lady-in-waiting. 

Lady Glenconner recently gave an interview to former politician Gyles Brandreth, on his "Rosebud" podcast, and suffice it to say the noblewoman was none too impressed by Meghan's entry into the palace. "I think the thing about Meghan was, she had no idea what was expected of her really," Lady Glenconner opined. "I think she just thought it was sort of like being another actress, you know. Riding around in a golden coach and everything like that."

Lady Glenconner claims Meghan romanticized royalty

From the start of her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle broke the royal rules on dress and decorum on several occasions, including being seen in public wearing jeans and engaging in some forbidden PDA. While royals are expected to stay neutral on political issues, the Duchess of Sussex made her stance on topics such as abortion rights clear. She even dared to forego a hat during an outing with Queen Elizabeth II, even though royal women normally follow Her Majesty's lead on headwear. 

Lady Anne Glenconner asserted that Meghan came into the family with the unrealistic expectation that her life would be all banquets and Wimbledon boxes. "[A]ctually, being a member of the royal family — a lot of it is extremely boring," she informed Gyles Brandreth. Glenconner, a close friend of the queen for many years, added that senior royals spend much of their time traveling and chatting up folks from all walks of life. The Firm must make each introduction feel personal and important, and Glenconner alluded that Meghan just wasn't up to the challenge.

She isn't alone in her opinion either. Princess Margaret's former lady-in-waiting also shared a conversation she had with former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at the queen's funeral. Out of curiosity, Glenconnor asked Kerry for his thoughts on the Sussexes. His response, she claims, was: "We all feel very, very sorry for Harry. I think I can just leave it at that."