The One Compliment Princess Eugenie Can't Stand (& For Good Reason)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had disturbing interactions with the paparazzi, but they aren't the only royals who have dealt with the downsides of media attention in the past. Harry's cousin Princess Eugenie has been photographed many times with her sister Princess Beatrice, and she feels that such pictures misrepresent how they look. Unfortunately, this sometimes gives people who come up to them the audacity to be rude.

Eugenie told Kate Thornton on the "White Wine Question Time" podcast that she decided to start and run her own Instagram account, and that she carefully curates it, thinking hard about each post before sharing it. "I want people to know me," the princess said, mentioning how lies have been told and how paparazzi photos are often unflattering.

"And I have people come up to me sometimes and say, 'Oh you're much better looking in real life,'" Eugenie said. "And you're like, 'Agh. Is that a compliment? I dunno.'" Thornton lamented about this phenomenon as well, mentioning how she gets comments about being slimmer in person.

Eugenie uses her platform to share things about her life and causes she's passionate about

Being a member of the royal family comes with scrutiny in the press, and it seems especially prevalent for women of the family (for instance, the chances of someone telling Prince Harry that he is "better looking in real life" are very slim). However, Princess Eugenie does not let people's comments stop her from sharing her life on Instagram. The princess has had a stunning transformation but isn't afraid of a throwback post, especially posts featuring her mother Sarah Ferguson or her sister Princess Beatrice.

Eugenie also uses her platform to discuss causes she's passionate about. One such cause is The Anti-Slavery Collective, an organization she co-founded with her friend Julia de Boinville. The organization works to end modern slavery, and Eugenie spoke about it at length in her interview with Kate Thornton.

In addition, Eugenie is an ambassador for the Blue Marine Foundation, a charity dedicated to ocean conservation. Eugenie used Instagram to share her Ocean Advocate series, where she interviewed experts on conservation from a variety of different groups.