General Hospital Fans Want To Hear Roger Howarth Sing After Recording Studio Photo

"There is no comfort in [a] comfort zone. Do weird new cool stuff," are the words of encouragement "General Hospital" star Roger Howarth shared in his October 2023 Instagram post. Howarth's post contained photos of him in a recording studio, appearing to be singing. And now people want to hear what he's been working on! 

On Instagram, the actor explained that one can't be creative if he remains in his comfort zone. "Give yourself a break for not knowing how the first time you try. Put punk rock back in your life," Howarth wrote. "The cavalry isn't coming. So sing loud. If you can can sing." In the post, he also thanks Kitten Robot Records, a Los Angeles-based record label specializing in eclectic music, and one of the photos depicts Howarth with a man who looks an awful lot like its founder, Paul Roessler.

As far as we can tell, the only other time we've seen Howarth sing was on the May 21, 2019 "GH" episode when he portrayed Franco Baldwin. He and Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) performed at the annual Nurses' Ball, singing a cover of Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb's classic disco duet, "Guilty." This post is riling up fans who desire to hear Howarth sing. 

Fans praised Howarth and clamored to hear him sing

"General Hospital" star Roger Howarth, who currently plays Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt, was met with high praise for his tantalizing post. He doesn't specify exactly what he's recording, but the fans clamored for more. Co-star Cameron Mathison (Drew Cain) responded with applause emojis while one fan enjoyed his cryptic post, writing, "I feel like you can go weirder." Howarth replied with, "Thanks! You too!" The requests for singing came in as one follower requested, "We need to hear you sing Roger. I'm sure you had fun. Rock on Roger." 

Many asked to know what exactly he was singing, along with several other fans who reminisced about his Nurses' Ball performance. "Please share your voice with us @therealrogerhowarth. I'm sure you were amazing as you are on screen. You are magic," pleaded another follower, echoing the sentiment of many. Howarth certainly piqued everyone's curiosity with his photos. With followers describing him as a rock star, Howarth did what every good performer does by leaving the fans wanting more.

Who knows, maybe the cover band Port Chuck, which is comprised of several soap stars, will ask him to join!