Laura Wright's First General Hospital Scenes Weren't What She Expected At All

For dedicated "General Hospital" fans, it's hard to imagine watching the soap without Laura Wright as Carly Spencer. With her loyalty to her family and many marriages to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), Carly is a force to be reckoned with, and Wright has shaped her into the character she is today. Even though Wright is the fourth actress to play the iconic role of Carly, after Sarah Joy Brown, Tamara Braun, and Jennifer Bransford, she has made her mark on the character since her debut in 2005. However, her first few days of filming on set were anything but normal for the actress.

Wright was hardly a newbie to soap operas before appearing on "GH." Her soap debut was as Ally Rescott on "Loving," whom she played for four years before moving on to play Cassie Layne on "Guiding Light" for eight years. With a good amount of experience under her belt, Wright landed the role of Carly — but it was like nothing she had experienced before.

Wright was shocked on her first day at General Hospital

The first day on a new job is an overwhelming and confusing experience for anyone, especially for Laura Wright when she started filming for "General Hospital." In an interview with Soaps In Depth, Wright recalled her first few scenes on the soap and how different they were from her past experiences.

"I was in shock because when I left ['Guiding Light'], we didn't have dress rehearsal anymore and just went straight to tape with one take," she told the outlet. "I got to ['GH'], and we were shooting the crash 'til midnight," she said, referencing an iconic train crash scene. Wright remembers thinking, "'What the hell? I thought those days were gone?'"

The actor continued explaining the intensity of shooting on her first day, including the pyrotechnics that put her on edge. She said, "We were doing stunts, and there was smoke and fire. I was nervous and trying to figure it all out." As we all know, Wright did a fantastic job and has gone on to make the role of Carly Spencer purely her own.

Wright ran into trouble on her first day at Loving

Laura Wright's unique first day at "General Hospital" is not the only entertaining story she has about her first experience on a soap opera. In an interview with Michael Fairman TV, Wright remembers her soap opera debut on "Loving" and a distinct argument she had over her first few days of filming.

"I had one line: 'Grandma!' and that was it, and then they had to note that because I kept saying 'Grandmaw,' and they were like, 'It's not Grandmaw,' it's 'Grandma,'" she told the interviewer. "Then, I did whatever they said at first, but then the longer I was on the show, I was like, 'I say Grandmaw.' I'm not saying 'Grandmuh.' I don't care. Everyone gets their own personalization of how they say what they say."

Wright went on to compare the equipment they used to film "Loving" to what modern soap operas use now and how different it was when she first started. Now, over 30 years later, technology might have changed, but Laura Wright is still wowing fans and viewers with her acting, no matter what soap she's on.