The Long Island Medium's Daughter Grew Up To Be Gorgeous

If you've been keeping up with Theresa Caputo and her TLC series, Long Island Medium, since its premiere in 2011, then you've watched her two kids, Victoria and Larry Jr., grow up in front of your eyes. Victoria was still in high school when the show began filming and has consequently lived a lot of her young life in the public eye. That being said, there's a lot that she's managed to keep under wraps. 

From attending university to building a career in the beauty industry and starting a serious relationship, the young Caputo has continued updating fans on her various milestones, while keeping some things to herself — striking a healthy balance between her public and private lives. Since 2018, she's been appearing on the small screen less and less, but her Instagram feed is full of snaps of the beautiful young woman she has become and news of her various successes. Keep scrolling for all the proof you need that the Long Island Medium's daughter grew up to be gorgeous.

Her childhood was totally "normal"

Despite spending a good portion of her young adult life in front of television cameras, Caputo revealed in an on-campus interview, which was filmed at Southern Connecticut State University when she was 19, that "life growing up for me was normal." She elaborated: "I went to school. My mom cooked me dinner. You just had a normal life," she reiterated. "You hung out with your friends, you went to school, you did activities, you went to your sports, you hung out with your family. So yeah, that was pretty much my life."

What's more, she was never asked to act a certain way, which likely played a role in keeping said normalcy in place. "TLC does not exaggerate anything about our family," she declared. "We are who we are and we like to express that. We're really loud, we're funny, we're crazy — we just really enjoy to have fun and that's what we show. There's nothing hiding and they don't make it look like we're crazy. We're just crazy," she joked.

She's been doing gymnastics since she was four

While attending Southern Connecticut State University, Caputo was a member of its gymnastics team and, as she revealed in an on-campus interview, the team was actually the reason why she picked to attend that particular school in the first place. A then 19-year-old Caputo told her interviewer, "I was looking here since 10th grade, actually, and the team and the coaches really caught my eye. I came to visit the campus and I just fell in love," she said, adding, "I've been doing gymnastics since I've been four years old."

According to her official profile page on the SCSU Athletics website, when she was a freshman in 2013, she scored 9.375 on the vault at a meet at SUNY-Cortland, placing ninth. Meanwhile, before attending Southern Connecticut State University, she competed for Gold Medal Gymnastics and was a level 9 performer. Not only that, but she ranked first in the state, first in the region and second in the nation. Impressive!

She went to beauty school and practiced on her mom

Caputo's dream of becoming a full-time makeup artist and hair stylist was sparked at a young age, and fans got a glimpse of her talent in several Long Island Medium episodes. In April 2018, mother and daughter shared some on-screen glam time, as Theresa received a bit of a makeover from her kiddo. 

"I'm just taking out a section, taking the comb and starting from underneath my fingers, pulling it down once, pulling it down once [more], bringing it back and kind of just brushing out the bottom of it," Victoria explained, showing off her skills while giving her mom a more "tamed" version of her signature 'do. She then proceeded to show off her makeup skills, doing her mama's eyes and eyebrows, while also sharing some pro tips. "I'm priming her eye, I'm basing the eye, to help the makeup stay longer and to brighten up her eyelid," the aspiring beautician said, giving her mom a result she loved.

She's now a balayage specialist and gives classes

Caputo's passion for hair and makeup wasn't just for show: She's built a career out of it. She started by focusing on makeup — her old Facebook page points out that she worked as a MAC Cosmetics freelancer in Long Island and Connecticut – but she eventually shifted her focus to hair, snagging a job at New York's Salon Entourage. The salon's official website lists Caputo as a "colorist" and specifies that her fortés include obmre, balayage, highlights and natural coloring. Her Instagram business account specifies she's actually a "balayage specialist."

According to the salon's page, her experience includes in-salon work, as well as attending the Cactus Academy of Paul Mitchell in 2015 and receiving extensive specialized training. She's become so good at her craft, in fact, that in October 2018 she co-taught a class called Balayage and Painting 101. Caputo promoted the course on Instagram, gushing, "Hey guys, I have the most exciting news!! I will be teaching a balayage class with my friend @bouchyhair! I can't wait to show you everything I know and everything I've learned in the last couple of years!"

She's quite the fierce boxer

Caputo has made no secret of her favorite way to exercise: boxing! Between February and July 2017, she repeatedly took to Instagram to share impressive videos of herself in the ring, throwing punches like a #bossbabe while training with her mentor, Coach Nic, who owns Slick Sluggers Boxing. According to the boxing studio's website, Nic is "a licensed USA Boxing Coach with a Bachelor in Exercise Sciences and an ISSA certified personal trainer (CPT)."

His specialty is helping clients get in shape, punch away their stress and, perhaps most importantly, learn self-defense. "Boxing is a full-body, stress-relieving, high-intensity cardiovascular workout," he explains on his site. "Don't get stuck doing boring routines that will never last. Challenge yourself through an exciting and functional training session!"

Something Caputo would likely agree with. "Feels good to be back hitting things and sh*t with King Nicholas," she gushed on Instagram in April 2017. Three months later, she was checking in again, writing, "As coach would say, 'Those are some MEAN PUNCHES' #GRRRRRR."

She's a part-time Instagram influencer

Like countless reality stars before her, Caputo has tried her hand at being an Instagram influencer. And, we totally get it. If you have the built-in audience, may as well take advantage of the lucrative influencer business. In October 2017, she sang the praises of subscription box FabFitFun with an exclamation-filled post, writing, "So excited that I'm a #FabFitFunPartner! This box is filled to the brim with full sized products which makes me so happy!!!"

Unlike other influencers, however, she hasn't been posting about every product under the sun. In 2018, she focused on one, posting a slew of promos for affordable watch brand Daniel Wellington. In February, she shared a snap of her and her boyfriend wearing his and hers timepieces and offered her fans a discount of 15% off their next purchase if they use the code VICCAPUTO. In March, she showed off a different timepiece, and again in December — both times with a similar caption. 

Getting tattooed has her "addicted"

If you follow Caputo on social media, you've surely noticed her affinity for ink. Back in November 2012, just two months after turning 18, she took to Twitter to announce, "Tattoos are addicting #iwantanotherone." She's since slowly grown her collection.

In January 2013, she showed off three little bird silhouettes on her left foot. In January 2017, it was a bouquet of flowers, and the following April, three dots and an eye on the ring finger on her right hand. That summer, Caputo shared a picture of herself at the beach, revealing that she's even more heavily tatted than we thought — her bathing suit showed off three huge pieces on her back.

In October 2017, she got a sizeable skull with heart-shaped eye sockets done by JJ Claudio at Empire State Studio, which is owned by celebrity tattooer Tommy Helm, star of reality shows Tattoo Nightmares and Ink Master. In January 2018, she went smaller with a little realistic bee. We're willing to be there will be more to come!

She has a hunky long-term boyfriend

You wouldn't know this simply from watching Long Island Medium, but Caputo has been in a serious relationship since July 2017. Although the couple has kept a pretty low profile, we do know that his name is Michael Mastrandrea and he's seriously hunky. Scroll through Caputo's Instagram and you'll find a number of loving posts about him, including an adorable celebration of their one-year anniversary.

Posted in July 2018, the snap shows a shirtless Mastrandrea relaxing in bed under a sign that reads "Love You to Pizzas." In the caption, the smitten Caputo wrote, "A whole year of snuggles, snoring, sleepover, hugs, kisses and late nights of fortnite battle royal. Love ya." Her beau celebrated the occasion with his own sweet message, sharing a gallery of the two of them, which he captioned, "Wish I could say I couldn't love you more than I do right now, but tomorrow I know I will. Happy One Year Beautiful."

In fact, Mastrandrea's Insta account is filled with images of his ladylove, as well as proof that he has her family's blessing. In October 2018, he shared a pic of himself alongside his girlfriend's brother, Larry Jr., writing, "Happy Bday BroBeans."

Her weight was the target of cyberbullies

It's an all-too-common negative side effect of our social media-loving society: cyberbullies picking apart images and leaving mean-spirited comments on other people's feeds. In October 2018, in a teaser for an upcoming episode of Long Island Medium, Victoria told her mom she was the latest celebrity victim of cyberbullying.

"People just say rude things on Instagram," she revealed. "People say that I'm fat." Theresa appeared to be absolutely shocked by the revelation. "It's heartbreaking that people are bullying my daughter online," she said on the show. She continued the sentiment on Instagram, sharing a sweet snap of herself hugging her daughter and writing, "When your child hurts, you hurt."

As Good Housekeeping noted, the post brought plenty of support for Victoria, as fans of the show began leaving words of encouragement on the Insta snap. "Victoria is a beautiful young woman, don't listen to the haters!" one followers reassured her. "They are the ones with a problem, they should look inside and fix themselves."

Body-shamers got an earful

After revealing that her weight had become the target of cyberbullies in 2018, Caputo took to Instagram to address her haters directly, right on the platform they were using to tear apart her appearance.

Sharing a snap of herself, the young hair stylist slammed body-shamers, writing, "Just want to give a shout out to all my haters. Yes, I have gained weight recently and although I am not happy about it and have my insecurities, it does not change me as a person. Plus, I'm sure there will be a day that will come and I will shed this weight, but as of now, this is what it is," she continued.

She concluded by sending a strong message to anyone thinking of leaving negativity on her photos moving forward. "So for all of you who want to keep commenting about the way I look, just don't," she added. "Worry about yourself because your comments ain't going to make you any better of a person #mindyabusiness."

She's stepping away from television

Fans of Long Island Medium will likely have noticed some major changes taking place on the show as of 2018 — and, no, we're not just talking about Larry and Theresa's emotional split. The couple's two kids, Victoria and Larry Jr., have been getting less screen time — and there's a legitimate reason why.

As Good Housekeeping noted in November 2018, the show's star told producers in April that her kids haven't been appearing in front of the cameras as much because, "in all fairness, I mean, look, our lives are all so different. When we started Long Island Medium, little Larry just graduated college, Victoria just graduated high school. You know, they're growing up. Larry lives in the city now. Victoria now too."

What's more, she revealed that both of her kids are still working on coming to terms with their parents' separation, which they prefer to do privately. "Especially with this, it's uncomfortable and it's hard for my kids," she added. "They know that they can come to Larry and I [sic], you know, if they ever want to talk about it. [We] kind of just left it in their hands."