What Life Is Like For Chanel Iman Today

Former Victoria's Secret Angel and renowned supermodel Chanel Iman has conquered the pages of Vogue, high-fashion runways, and movies and TV (including a stint as a guest judge on "America's Next Top Model"). But the top model world is anything but easy, however it might look. While juggling her continuing career gracing magazine covers, Chanel has navigated her public split from Sterling Shepard, bringing a new set of challenges for her and her two young daughters.

After a series of short-lived relationships and rumored pairings, Iman's romance with Shepard seemed like it could be her happily ever after. The relationship began in 2017, when the New York Giants wide receiver approached her at the 30th birthday party of former player Victor Cruz. The couple got engaged a year later, and said "I do" at the Beverly Hills Hotel only four short months after that. Iman and Shepard welcomed their first daughter in 2018 and their second in 2019. Despite all appearances, however, the couple's partnership eventually came to a halt. In January 2022, Page Six revealed that Shepard filed for divorce in June of 2021. According to the documents obtained by the outlet, there was "no reasonable prospect of reconciliation."

Even through a very public divorce, Chanel Iman has continued to thrive, finding a new normal with her ex and children, along with new success, new collaborations, and new love. And it looks like there's only more opportunity on the horizon.

Chanel Iman become a celebrity ambassador for Smile Train

A few weeks after Sterling Shepard filed for divorce, Chanel Iman announced her new role as celebrity ambassador with Smile Train. The nonprofit aids local medical professionals in providing care for children with clefts, and by extension, their parents and caretakers. Smile Train is the world's largest and leading cleft organization, touting celebrity ambassadors such as Christie Brinkley, as well as supporters like Reba McEntire and Kylie Jenner.

As Iman noted in a July 2021 Smile Train press release, advocating for mothers seeking necessary treatment for their children was a huge motivation in providing her support to the organization. Since then, Iman has continued to use her massive social media platform to promote the cause. She has also hosted fundraisers for Smile Train, including a swanky luncheon at Brazilian fashion house Patbo's New York flagship store.

Iman's connection to Smile Train didn't begin with her ambassadorship. On Mother's Day 2021, she posted on Instagram about the See a Smile, Send a Smile challenge. "Mothers worldwide play a vital role in Smile Train's work, and, together, we send our love and gratitude to all the mothers, grandmothers, moms-to-be, mother figures and beyond," she wrote.

Chanel Iman has a new love in her life

A few months after her split from NFL star Sterling Shepard was made public, Chanel Iman made things Instagram official with her new beau, New England Patriots defensive tackle Davon Godchaux. The two shared pics they took together at Coachella in April 2022 — and there was no shortage of PDA or heart emojis. Under Iman's picture, Godchaux upped the ante, commenting, "I love you." Clearly, things were already serious. Godchaux followed up with a carousel of photos showing the pair canoodling at the festival and in front of the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

In May 2022, Iman shared some snaps on Instagram from the vacation they took together in Turks and Caicos. She also posted some pics of Iman's two daughters with Godchaux's son from a previous relationship. As if that didn't seal the deal on Iman and Godchaux's seriousness, the pair spent Christmas together that year, commemorated with another picture of the couple sharing a kiss by their Christmas tree.

Chanel Iman missed a flight to go on a date with Davon Godchaux

Chanel Iman and Davon Godchaux have a night out on the town to thank for their relationship. As the supermodel and the NFL defensive tackle recounted in an October 2023 episode of Godchaux's YouTube show, "ChauxTalk," their romance started brewing while they were hanging out with mutual friends in Miami. After they chatted for a while, Iman asked Godchaux for his number, and he offered to take her out for lunch the next day before she was supposed to fly out of Miami. Evidently, the spark was so strong that Iman felt compelled to change her travel schedule. "She missed her flight on purpose so we could go on a second date that night," Godchaux shared. "She missed her flight on purpose just so she could spend more time with me." He also said he knew that he was in love with her from the moment they met. Iman had a similar feeling when she and Godchaux first crossed paths. "When you know, you know," she said.

The couple also noted that they recognized early on that they'd have to navigate the ups and downs that come with being long-distance to make their relationship work; Iman jets around for modeling and other engagements, and Godchaux, who currently plays for the New England Patriots, travels all over the country during the NFL season. "It wasn't doomed from the start when we first met because we were long-distance from each other, but she believed that it'll work," Godchaux said. "She had faith in it, I had faith in it."

She keeps a 'positive mindset' about coparenting

Tensions were supposedly high between Sterling Shepard and Chanel Iman before the former filed for divorce. After the announcement of their split, Iman deleted most of her posts featuring Shepard, and court filings indicated that the couple had been having disagreements since 2020. Despite the breakup, however, they appear to maintain a comfortable balance as co-parents. Without diving into personal details or digging into any of the behind-the-scenes drama, Iman told Us Weekly in June 2022 that she's doing her best to make it work for the sake of their kids. "I'm all about just a positive mindset and staying connected with people and trying to just work out everything," she said. "Like, I'm a people person so it's not very difficult for me to coparent at all." 

The couples' court filings seem to back up Iman's statement. In May 2023, The U.S. Sun reported that Iman and Shepard finalized their divorce with a joint custody agreement at the end of April. According to the docs obtained by the outlet, Iman and Shepard  "voluntarily agreed to settle all collateral issues including...alimony, custody, child support and equitable distribution."

After the divorce was finalized, Iman took to Instagram to post a number of photos and videos taken during her trip to the Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Riviera Maya in Mexico. The model was joined by her daughters, Davon Godchaux, and Godchaux's son.

She rose above negative comments from Sterling Shepard's mother

Chanel Iman's philosophy since her split from Sterling Shepard has been to shrug off the small stuff, and take stock of what really counts. As she said in a 2022 interview with Oprah Daily, "I think living my best life is trying not to overthink and enjoying the time we have here."

Even with this new appreciation of the day-to-day, Iman has faced some challenges, including a public Instagram feud with her ex's mother. During a family vacation to Miami in July 2022, Iman shared a sweet photo of her daughters, Cali and Cassie Shepard, smiling with new beau Davon Godchaux's son, Davon Godchaux II. Nestled among the positive comments about Iman's growing family post-separation, she received a surprise response from Sterling's mother, Cheri Shepard. "She is still married. This is ridiculous," Cheri wrote (via Us Weekly). "Signed, concerned grandmother." Fans fired back at Cheri, defending Iman and Davon Sr.; Cheri doubled down with a now-deleted follow-up comment telling Iman to get a divorce.

Rather than court drama, Iman mostly ignored her former in-law's posts — apart from a few laughing emojis in response to a commenter clapping back at Cheri. Iman and Davon Sr. continued to post their adventures and rise above the commentary.

Chanel Iman got engaged on her babymoon in Italy

After seemingly settling into a new routine with Davon Godchaux and her daughters, Chanel Iman dropped yet another major life announcement on Instagram in May 2023: she and Godchaux were going to have a baby. Not long after the couple broke the happy news, the pair shared on Instagram that they went to Capri, Italy, for some down time before the arrival of their bundle of joy. The couple posted lovely pictures of deep blue waters, sunny boat trips, and gorgeous villas.

Amid the dreamy scenery, Iman and Godchaux shared even more big news: their engagement. On a scenic cliffside overlook decorated with white roses and hydrangeas, Godchaux popped the question with a bouquet of red roses. On May 30, 2023, they shared pictures of the proposal, including Iman's oh-so bridal white lace beach ensemble and stunning diamond ring. Iman followed up on the post later with a photo of her relaxing in their vacation villa and a caption expressing her love for Godchaux and announcing her babymoon had unexpectedly become an engagement getaway.

Chanel Iman revealed she and Davon Godchaux were expecting a girl

As previously noted, on May 3, 2023, Chanel Iman announced on Instagram she was pregnant with her third child, her first with Davon Godchaux. Not long after that, Iman and Godchaux had more big news: they were having a baby girl.

A few weeks after Iman and Godchaux revealed they had a baby on the way, they announced the baby's gender on Instagram in a sweet video. Before they could pop confetti cannons and unleash a cloud of pink and white paper, Iman told the camera that she'd like to add a boy to the family; Godchaux wanted to have a daughter. Iman's daughters, Cali and Cassie Shepard, were also there for the reveal. Of course, everyone was thrilled to learn that another girl was joining the family. 

With her third baby on the way, Iman stated she was more than ready for to have another daughter (and Godchaux was more than a little excited, given his posting of the hashtag #GirlDad on Instagram). Regardless of the gender, she was happy to be continuing her family with Godchaux. "Whatever God blesses us with, we are very grateful and happy," she beamed.

Chanel Iman walked the runway at Miami Swim Week while pregnant

Leave it to Chanel Iman to rule the runway while just a couple of months away from giving birth. In 2021, Iman spoke to Byrdie about the various twists and turns of her career as a supermodel, from walking in fashion shows in couture to becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel, noting that her perspective changed with her daughters and family. 

As a mother, she's in a new phase of life — and in a new phase of her career. Not long after Iman revealed she was expecting her third baby, she appeared at Miami Swim Week in July 2023. And she was there to work. Iman showed off her baby bump walking in CupShe's show, modeling several looks with a smile. Iman posted a series of photos from the stylish and size-inclusive swimwear brand's show, modeling a green bikini with a mini sarong and a pink one piece with a white cover-up. In the Instagram caption, she also gave a shout-out to the special guest that joined her on the catwalk: "Miami Swim Week with my baby girl."

Chanel Iman partnered with Aveeno for their #SkinVisibility campaign

Between fashion shows, lavish vacations with Davon Godchaux and the family, and preparing for her new baby, Chanel Iman found time to partner with Aveeno for the #SkinVisibility Campaign, working with the health equity organization Health In Her Hue. The platform aims to bring attention to eczema and associated sensitive skin issues for people of color, as well as be a healthcare resource. In an August 2023 interview with People, Iman shared her struggles with dry and sensitive skin, as well as her daughter Cassie Shepard's struggle with eczema, noting the difficulties of finding the right care and treatment.

"It's taken me some time to learn more about how important skin health is," she admitted in her interview. "Having a newborn with eczema — it's something you're trying to figure out. I went through so many different dermatologists, nobody could help me." Bringing attention to her own struggles with her skin will hopefully help other Black women and women of color seek out resources for their skin health and beyond, Health In Her Hue cofounder Ashlee Wisdom hopes. Iman continued to boost the campaign on her Instagram and in interviews throughout 2023.

Chanel Iman and Davon Godchaux welcomed a baby in September 2023

Chanel Iman and Davon Godchaux announced the birth of Capri Summer Godchaux on September 19, 2023. They shared the happy news in a joint Instagram post. In the pic, Iman and Davon pose with their newest addition while still in the hospital. As number of fans noted in the comment section, their new daughter's name sure seemed to be inspired by their recent vacation in Italy. Iman also posted polaroids of the couple and their new baby on her Instagram Stories.

Since their new baby girl's birth, Iman and Davon have followed up with a series of photos of the family and of Capri's newborn shoot, including photos of all three of Iman's daughters clad in light pink. Davon followed up Iman's flurry of photos with an Instagram post of the highlights, commenting proudly, "made with LOVE." 

Before her third baby arrived, Iman chatted with Essence about balancing motherhood and finding love again. "I think it's really important for mothers to allow time for themselves," she said.  "And I think I wouldn't look for love. Let love find you." It sure seems like that approach to love has worked out well for Iman.