Meet Jon Bon Jovi's 4 Kids

Jon Bon Jovi is a respected musician, but there's another side to him that's perhaps less known — his life as a family man. The "Bed of Roses" singer and his wife, Dorothea Bongiovi, are parents to four children: Stephanie, Jesse, Jake, and Romeo. Some have chosen a career or a relationship that has thrust them into the spotlight, while others prefer a quieter life. What is clear is the unconditional love they all receive from their father.

"You think you're in love when you're a kid and you meet your wife and get married, but you know you're in love after you have a child," Bon Jovi told People. Their children are a priority, and even as they grow older, they still stay close. "Our focus has always been family first and making sure that people are doing well. We like each other. We spen[d] a lot of time together," Dorothea told People in a 2020 interview.

Meet Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea's four children and discover who they are.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is close with her dad

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is the firstborn child of Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea Bongiovi. She was born in New Jersey on May 31, 1993. Fatherhood would impact the rocker's life in many ways, including influencing his music. He penned the song "I've Got the Girl" about her. The track, released in 2000, includes heartfelt lyrics: "Sometimes I think that you're the only reason / The sun still shines (when it shines) / And when this wicked world starts bringing me down /I tell myself that I'm one lucky guy."

Bon Jovi shared his thoughts on the special girl in his life during a performance in Las Vegas in 2017. "Everybody's got a little girl in their life," he told the crowd. "Their daughter, their girlfriend, their wife, their mamma — it all goes by so fast. And they start out as little bitty babies, and their future's looking bright. And I wrote this song for that little baby, who's now not such a little baby anymore." He then brought Stephanie onstage to perform with him. She showed fans her dance moves in a sweet dad-and-daughter moment.

To celebrate his daughter's 30th birthday on May 31, 2023, the musician made a touching Instagram post. "Blink your eyes and your babies are all grown up," he wrote in the caption. "Happy happy birthday to my sweetest girl Stephanie Rose."

She has dealt with substance misuse

Having a famous father means Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was thrust into the limelight. Her actions have not been kept private, despite what was a very private moment in 2012. Stephanie, a 19-year-old college student at the time, made headlines when she was arrested for a "suspected drug overdose" after using heroin, NBC News reported. The incident took place in the Hamilton College dormitory.

"On Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012, members of the Kirkland Police Department arrested two Hamilton College students and charged them with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance, both misdemeanors," the college statement read. "In addition to violating state law, the actions alleged to have been committed by the students violate Hamilton College policy."

Jon Bon Jovi made a statement to the press a week later. "This tragedy was something that I had to face, too, so we'll get through it," he told Los Angeles' Fox 11 (via CBS News). "And people's warm wishes for my family and I have been really reassuring. So, we're good." He later addressed the incident again, this time in an interview with the Mirror in 2013. "It was horrible, a horrible moment," he reflected. "It was my worst moment as a father." The "It's My Life" singer also referred to what happened as a "terrible tragic lesson of life" and expressed his gratitude that his daughter recovered from it. The publication also notes that the charges were later dropped.

Jesse Bongiovi works with his dad

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Bongiovi's second child is a son, Jesse Bongiovi. He was born on February 19, 1995, in Los Angeles, and, as an adult, he and his father have bonded over their love of wine. They joined forces in 2018 to create a company.

Jesse co-founded Hampton Water Rosé and told Forbes his love for rosé first began during family trips to Europe. "Rosé was fun. It was easy, and you could sit out on the beach and have a glass with mom and dad, and it was like, I get it," he told the publication in a 2023 interview. The opportunity was not just given to him because his father is rich and famous. "My dad said, 'If you're serious and want to start a company, figure something out,'" Jesse told Forbes. "It was my senior year at Notre Dame. I studied political science but took a minor in business economics."

The duo have been serious about their business venture, and while some people say never to mix family and business, they are proving that sometimes it can be a success. "We walk into meetings together, and I go, 'Wow, it's Mini-Me.' He's thinking the way I'm thinking. It's been a dream," the singer told People in 2018. Their hard work has paid off, with Wine Spectator listing one of their products as No. 83 of their Top 100 wines in 2018.

Jesse Bongiovi has been lucky in love

Jesse Bongiovi has proven to be a successful businessman, but he seems to also have a pretty great personal life. In 2022, he made headlines after announcing his engagement to longtime girlfriend Jesse Light. Bongiovi asked Light to be his wife while in East Hampton, New York. Excited about their moment, he posted a photo to Instagram showing himself on one knee and kissing Light. "Time to Be Real," Bongiovi wrote in the caption.

A tipster told Page Six the newly-engaged couple celebrated at the Surf Lodge in Montauk, which is believed to be the same place they first met in 2018.

Regarding love and a lasting relationship, Jesse has great role models because his parents have been married since 1989. Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Bongiovi spoke about their marriage in an interview with People in 2016. "Somehow it works. I think because we grow at the same rate. We grew equally and not in opposite directions," Dorothea said. Her husband praised her for being "the glue." "She's the one following me with the glue and the thread and needle, keeping it all together," he said.

He played football with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Jesse Bongiovi is an athlete who played football as a walk-on defensive back with Notre Dame's team, the Fighting Irish. He is passionate about the sport, documenting many important moments on his Instagram account. This includes a photo in his uniform and a caption that shows his dedication. "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever," he wrote on Instagram in September 2016. He also gave a shoutout to his team in January 2016. "One of the greatest honors of my life getting to play with #team127; although today didn't go as planned, it was amazing getting the chance to be with this amazing group of guys one last time," he captioned an Instagram post showing a snap of the football team.

Both Jesse and his dad, Jon Bon Jovi, later attended a Notre Dame football training camp to share words of wisdom. The rocker told the players they "will never be around a group of 100 and some guys that we consider our brothers, our closest friends," senior linebacker Jack Kiser told Notre Dame Insider. And, in October 2023, the musician shared a photo of himself and Jesse watching the Irish play. 

It turns out Jesse is not the only football fan in the family. In 2016, he made an Instagram post celebrating his younger brother, Jake Bongiovi's achievements. "So proud of my little brother @jake_hurley17; he was a freshman captain for his high school game today," he wrote.

Jacob Bongiovi has a famous partner

Jacob "Jake" Hurley Bongiovi is the third child of Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Bongiovi and is arguably the most famous. Born on May 7, 2002, in Palm Beach, Florida, Jake has made headlines for his relationship with "Stranger Things" actor Millie Bobby Brown.

Although their relationship timeline is unclear, the couple met on Instagram. "I was interested in him and wanted to know more. As soon as we spoke, I knew he was going to be a huge part of my life," Brown told The Sunday Times. "After we met, we knew we never wanted to leave each other's side." The couple announced their engagement on Instagram in April 2023. "I've loved you three summers now, honey, I want 'em all," Brown captioned a picture, showing a giant engagement ring on her finger. The actor also revealed Jake popped the question with his mother's ring. "I've always loved that ring; it's always stuck out to me, so she gave it to Jake. They were in cahoots about the whole proposal," she told The Sunday Times.

Jake's family approves of the coupling. "A lot of people believe that Jake and Millie are just experiencing young puppy love and that it won't last, but Jake's parents know that it can last because they were the same ages as Jake and Millie when they started dating in 1980," a source told Hollywood Life in 2022. The tipster also said that the family "adore her."

Jake loves to travel

Millie Bobby Brown has given a glimpse into her relationship with Jake Bongiovi and the man he is, but he has been less vocal. Jake, who attended Syracuse University, has chosen to keep aspects of his life private, but what he does share is his love for travel. A bunch of snaps on his Instagram page show him in beautiful destinations. This includes a picture of himself and Brown enjoying a beach bonfire, a trip the couple took to Japan, and a visit to England (Brown is British).

Bongiovi has been able to travel to many beautiful locations. In November 2022, he posted a photo of himself and Brown on a beach, and, while he gave no hint as to the location, he shared his thoughts in the Instagram caption. "What's the one thing you'd take to a desert island?" he wrote, suggesting his "one thing" would be Brown.

Romeo Bongiovi is the youngest

Romeo Jon Bongiovi was born on March 29, 2004. He is the youngest member of the Bongiovi household. There's a significant age gap between him and his eldest sibling (Stephanie was born in 1993). Romeo is still a teenager who, until recently, was in high school in New York. 

While Romeo may choose a life in the spotlight later, at present, there is very little information about him online. This suggests his parents have worked hard to give him an upbringing away from the public eye. "We never really drag the kids to things," Dorothea Bongiovi told People in a 2016 interview. "I never pointed at the TV and said, 'There's Daddy!' We try hard just to give our kids a normal life." She also discussed how they make time for family bonding. "We try to spend as much time having family dinners as possible," she said. "Family is always priority."

Romeo's birth, like his siblings before him, has filled his father with immense joy. "If I could go back and re-live any moment in my life the first thing that comes to mind is the birth of my kids. Because that was such a miracle," Jon Bon Jovi told Big Issue in 2020.

Romeo's parents want their house to themselves

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Bongiovi sound like great parents. Still, they've been doing it for three decades and look to a new chapter in their lives. This means that when Romeo Bongiovi leaves home, there will be some changes.

In a 2020 interview with People, Dorothea said she and her husband were "definitely looking forward" to having their home to themselves. They have put four children through school, and that is not an easy task. "I might finally get out of high school!" Dorothea said. "Just not being stuck to a schedule and being able to travel [will be nice]. But we like to see our kids. It's not like we're going to disappear."

Now that Romeo is 19, they don't have long to wait. Interestingly, there were no public tributes made to the youngest Bongiovi when he celebrated his most recent birthday. He also does not appear to have a social media account. His dad, though, did share a rare glimpse into who he was when he posted a birthday tribute on Instagram in 2021. "Happy 17th birthday Romeo!!! Love, Mom, and Dad," Bon Jovi wrote.