Who Is Olivia Millar, The Mother Of Jonah Hill's Child

Actor Jonah Hill is not interested in having his personal life play out in the spotlight. Hill has long been vocal about body acceptance after years of self-image issues, and in recent years, there has been increased interest in his appearance after he shed a substantial amount of weight. However, in October 2021, Hill urged fans on social media to refrain from commenting on his body, even if they mean well. Unfortunately, by August 2022, he'd chosen to deactivate his social media imprints. During this same month, Hill also announced that he would no longer be conducting public outings to promote his projects due to anxiety attacks. Therefore, it came as no surprise when Hill and his partner, Olivia Millar, didn't formally announce they were expecting a child together.

The two began dating in August 2022, but not much is known about how they met. Though they have never publicly addressed their relationship, the two have been spotted out together several times. In March 2023, the Daily Mail obtained photos of the couple in California, which shows Millar with a noticeable baby bump. Months later, in June 2023, a spokesperson for Hill confirmed to People that the pair indeed welcomed a child together. The new mom keeps a low profile, opting for a private Instagram account, so not many particulars have been shared about their infant. Nevertheless, several facts have been made public about Millar, who has an interesting background outside of her relationship with a Hollywood A-lister.

She is the daughter of famed fashion model Esmé Marshall

Olivia Millar has famous roots as the daughter of 1980s top fashion model Esmé Marshall. She became known for her Calvin Klein campaigns and also landed two Vogue covers. In recent years, Marshall has not been as active in the modeling industry, though her daughter Raychel Roberts did announce in October 2023 that they were working on a project together. Marshall has also turned her focus to caring for her parents, which is something Roberts revealed in a touching July 2022 Instagram post. Unlike her more private sister, Olivia Millar, Roberts has not shied away from the camera and followed in her mother's footsteps at a young age. She began modeling by 13 and has appeared in several magazines, including Mith, Vogue, and Westlake Malibu Lifestyle.

The relationship between Marshall and Millar is largely unknown. Much like Millar, Marshall keeps her own account private. Still, Roberts seems extremely close with her mother and sister. She occasionally shares images of both on her Instagram, showcasing the bond she shares with the special women in her life. Part of this connection with Millar is their shared love for fashion, which led them into business with one another.

Olivia Millar and her sister own a vintage clothing company

In 2018, Olivia Millar and her sister Raychel Roberts launched a unique online retail business called Chasseresse. The shop specializes in vintage clothing and trends with a focus on sustainability. During a 2018 chat with Vogue, Roberts shared that the concept had been in the works for several years before she and her sister executed their plan. On the company's Instagram page are several images of Millar modeling the clothing. Chasseresse seemingly took a small break before relaunching in February 2023, and it seems the new business structure is geared towards exclusivity, with shoppers having to become members of the site in order to see what's being offered. To access the collection of vintage clothing, housewares, artwork, and jewelry, shoppers must subscribe for a monthly fee, with options starting at $10.

It's unknown how Millar is navigating being an entrepreneur and mother to a newborn. Despite being a part owner, her name is not listed in the website's "About" section, yet another indicator that she does not enjoy much attention. While Millar has stepped out since birth, most recently having been photographed on a September 2023 date night with Hill, these paparazzi images are likely all fans will get from Millar for the foreseeable future.