Meet Pax Jolie-Pitt's New Girlfriend Carmen Blanchard

20-year-old Carmen Blanchard is the younger sister of Rowan Blanchard, an actor best known for starring in "Girl Meets World." While her older sister became famous on the Disney Channel show, Carmen won fans of her own by association. Plus, the younger Blanchard acts, too. Snapchat videos of Carmen have racked up thousands of views on YouTube, for example, proving that fans are eager to see more from the budding young actor. 

Blanchard made headlines in the fall of 2023 for sparking up a relationship with Pax Jolie-Pitt, the son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Jolie-Pitt's parents' dating lives are the stuff of entertainment industry legend, so it's no surprise that he's carrying on their legacy for another generation. While Carmen is relatively private about her off-camera life, like many members of Gen Z, she grew up online, so there is some information about her available around the web. Here's everything we know about Jolie-Pitt's new girlfriend, Carmen Blanchard.

Carmen played a fan-favorite role on American Horror Story

In 2011, a young Carmen Blanchard snagged a role on one of the buzziest shows of the year. Appearing at an event sponsored by now-defunct kids' fashion line Yuli & Grace, Blanchard was interviewed on the red carpet by Rising Talent Magazine. "I just got a show on FX: 'American Horror Story,'" Blanchard revealed. "I think I'm in one episode."

Sure enough, Blanchard appeared in the first season of the horror hit, known as "Murder House." In the episode, "Halloween: Part 1," Blanchard plays a younger version of Taissa Farmiga's fan-favorite character, Violet Harmon. The child version of Violet is seen in a flashback sequence, a quick scene where her father Ben (played by Dylan McDermott) recalls that his daughter insisted on dressing up as a vampire for Halloween when she was little. Though Blanchard is only on screen for a moment, it's a credit on her IMDb resume that's likely been seen by more people than other projects.

Rowan and Carmen Blanchard have acted in their dad's films

Considering how young the Blanchard sisters were when they started acting, it's no surprise that entertainment is the Blanchard family business. Carmen Blanchard's older sister Rowan isn't the only one in the industry; the girls' father, Mark Blanchard, is a film director. Furthermore, moviemaking is a true family affair. Both Rowan and Carmen have acted in several of their dad's projects, including a short film called "Trusting Hope." The short film's synopsis on IMDb reads, "A young girl with a tragic past connects with a fractured family and together they find a future."

In 2019, both young actors appeared in "A World Away," a feature film directed by their father. This time, their brother Shane was also along for the ride. Mark told Scared Stiff Reviews that directing his children was one of the best things about shooting the movie. "Working with all the children, especially 3 of my own, can't be expressed in words," he gushed. The film is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi, among other streaming platforms.

She accompanied her famous sister to an event with Michelle Obama

In 2016, the final year of Barack Obama's presidency, Michelle Obama hosted an event for International Day of the Girl at the Newseum. Alongside Glamour, panelists Skyped with girls from around the country, discussing the importance of education. According to the official White House transcript of the event, the First Lady spoke about attending Princeton and learning confidence through schooling. "Making sure that girls around the world who are just as bright, just as able as me, have the same opportunities to take their education seriously, to have access, has become a mission that I take very seriously," she said.

"Girl Meets World" star Rowan Blanchard was a co-host of the event. When Blanchard addressed the crowd, she said she found self-confidence by speaking with other girls. "It's been important for me to find sisterhood and to find other girls who were encouraging me," she elaborated. To that end, Blanchard brought her younger sister Carmen to the event, and they walked the red carpet together. It's unclear whether Carmen had a chance to meet the First Lady herself, but we imagine seeing her older sister speaking on a panel with such a luminary must have been inspiring to the young actor.

She supports her family on social media

Carmen Blanchard's boyfriend Pax Jolie-Pitt made headlines in November 2023 for a rant about his father, Brad Pitt, which he reportedly posted on a private Instagram account years ago. According to The Standard, the then-16-year-old wrote that the "Inglourious Basterds" star was "a word-class a**hole," adding, "You time and time and again prove yourself to be a terrible and despicable person." Jolie-Pitt's mother, Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie, alleged that Pitt abused his children in a lawsuit obtained by The New York Times. "Pitt choked one of the children and struck another in the face," the lawsuit read.

Blanchard's own Instagram account isn't private. She does, however, seem to be on much better terms with her family. In November 2022, she shared a photo of her mother, Elizabeth Folk-Blanchard, in the hospital. "My Mom took an extremely serious fall," Blanchard wrote. While hiking, Folk-Blanchard broke her leg, and her daughter was the one who saved her. "I found her at the bottom of a ditch screaming, crying with her leg like a noodle, the broken bone pushing against the skin," the "American Horror Story" star recalled. A GoFundMe to help Folk-Blanchard's recovery raised more than $15,000.

Blanchard also supports her sister's career. In one post from May 2022, she shouted out "Crush," a film where her sister Rowan plays a girl who falls in love with a friend. "Crush is now available on @disneyplus !!" Carmen wrote, encouraging her followers to go watch.

Carmen Blanchard has supported several charities

In 2017, Carmen and Rowan Blanchard were photographed while they attended an event called the Children Mending Hearts 9th Annual Empathy Rocks Fundraiser. Children Mending Hearts is an organization devoted to uplifting children around the world. Per the charity's website, "Empathy Rocks in the U.S.A. is an art program that explores issues like poverty and natural disasters to heighten children's social responsibility and sensitivity to the world around them and each other."

In 2020, while she was still in high school, the younger Blanchard sister posted an essay on Instagram announcing that she was campaigning for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Student of the Year by raising funds for children with cancer. "I was given a fortunate opportunity, which lets me provide care and funds for children diagnosed with cancer," she wrote, adding that she learned that leukemia and lymphoma make up a staggering 33% of all childhood cancers. "I immediately knew this was my opportunity to truly make a difference in countless children's lives," she added, announcing that she would be kicking off a seven-week fundraising campaign. It's unclear how much money she actually wound up raising, but the young star deserves kudos for trying to educate her followers.

The Encounters star was a leader in high school

Carmen Blanchard attended Burbank High School, just north of Los Angeles. While a student at the school, she took on a leadership position with the ASB, the Associated Student Body. In 2020, her senior year, she spoke with a podcast called "GenZ Speaks" about what it was like to run the board. "Our biggest role is that we are the student board member. I'm on the Burbank USD Board, like, Board of Education," she explained. Blanchard met twice a month with the school superintendent to present concerns from the student body.

In addition to advocating for her fellow students, Blanchard spent a lot of time during the COVID-19 shutdowns learning about various social justice movements like Black Lives Matter. "I think the most [important thing] you can do to be a part of a movement or cause is to educate yourself," she said. To march without being informed, she said, would be simply "performative activism." Blanchard said she hadn't yet settled on a primary cause to focus on and was instead trying to learn as much as she could. "I'm just kind of trying to do my best to like, educate myself and find like, what I value the most," she said. "Equal rights in every shape and form, whether it be like, for women, for minorities, for LGBTQ, whatever it be, is obviously something that's super important to me."

She was spotted on an ice cream date with Pax Jolie-Pitt

Even though she comes from a famous family, Carmen Blanchard has tended to keep her personal life private. That all changed when news broke in October 2023 that Blanchard was dating Pax Jolie-Pitt, the son of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. After all, Jolie-Pitt's parents are two of the most famous people in the world, so it's only natural that the relationship would attract a certain amount of attention.

Fans first noticed the two were dating after photographers spotted them getting ice cream together in Los Angeles. Outlets published paparazzi photos of the young duo out on a daytime stroll in Los Feliz, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. Jolie-Pitt carried both stars' ice cream as they walked.

Curiously, the ice cream date prompted strange rumors to circulate about the couple online. The gossip TikTok account CelebriTEA Blinds, which has nearly 200,000 followers, shared a video alleging that either Pitt or Jolie have been paying Blanchard to date their son. The source of the rumor is unclear, and unless more information comes out, this speculation may just be an odd footnote in the couple's love story.

Angelina Jolie allegedly has lots of questions for her son's girlfriend

After news broke that Pax Jolie-Pitt was dating Carmen Blanchard, both The National Enquirer and Radar Online reported on a supposed argument between Angelina Jolie and her son. According to the tabloids, they fought about his new relationship. More specifically, Jolie-Pitt was said to be upset that his mother had so many questions for his new girlfriend.

A source reportedly told The National Enquirer (via RadarOnline), "She's been grilling this poor girl about her intentions, her education, and where she stands on everything from politics to overall ambitions, as well as digging into her family history to make sure she's suitable for Pax." Understandably, Jolie's son was unhappy with his mother's nosiness, and he reportedly told his mom to "back off and give him and Carmen a break." The relationship is still new, the source said, and Jolie's questioning makes it seem like she thinks it's more serious than it might be. The source added, "Angie fears the kids will grow up and she'll be all alone."