Inside The Iconic Fake Keeping Up With The Kardashians Home

There's nothing quite like binge-watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians to make you question, "Is this real?" Although it's not exactly shocking when you learn that some (most?) reality shows are less than authentic, a few of these shows' secrets can catch you off guard. That's true even if you've come to accept — and love — the drama of scripted reality. While the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been caught faking it in the past, one of the blended family's secrets was hidden in plain sight for a very long time.


Though much of the filming takes place inside Jenner's home, all of the exterior shots in later seasons are faked. It's quite literally a facade. Before you get too angry at the brood, there's a good reason for pulling this switcharoo. After people were jumping the fence to get a closer look at their original house, Kim revealed to fans that she "realized how unsafe it is to show the exterior of [their] homes." Kris Jenner clarified, "When we film inside, that's obviously our real home." So, you've seen Jenner's house, but are you curious to see inside the fake KUWTK house we've seen in those exterior shots? Let's go.

A stately estate

You know this iconic exterior like the back of your hand, but it's so impressive we just have to take another look. Do you see that balcony that wraps around the entire front elevation of the home? Calling this place a "home" is perhaps not the right term. According to the real estate listing, it's "the Iredell Estate." Zillow also reported that it was once known as Palazzo Dei Sogni, an Italian expression meaning the Palace of Dreams. And that it is.


The mansion sits on one acre of land on "its own private knoll," the listing reveals. It's gated, as you could've probably guessed, but one only knows if it successfully keeps out KUWTK stans. Could that be why it sat on the market so long? As the listing revealed, the professed "contemporary mediterranean estate" had been up for sale, on and off, since 2007. In late 2018, it finally sold for $5.2 million.

All the palace vibes

It won't take you long to notice how different this estate is from many others. Although it was built in the 1980s and almost completely renovated in 2005, it looks like it could've been built centuries ago — especially the interior. According to Zillow, the Medici palaces in Tuscany, Italy were the inspiration behind this mansion's interior and exterior. Chandeliers hang from just about every ceiling and sconces that were once used in the Paris Opera House — let that sink in — now adorn the walls.


While every room has the Mediterranean vibe, what really proves this house was inspired by the Medici palaces is the vino storage. Yep, this house has its own wine cellar. And not a little one, either. The Iredell Estate's wine cellar can hold a whopping 2,000 bottles of wine, according to Zillow, and the listing further revealed that it features a tasting room. If you're wondering would one does with all that wine, well, who knows. But they've definitely got enough juice to make it through a zombie apocalypse, that's for sure.

The perfect screening room

"Livability to me is rooms that get used, rooms that are loved, and rooms that are beautiful to look at, but also rooms that you want to be in," Jeff Andrews, the interior designer for Kris Jenner's real home, told InStyle. While Jenner and the gang never got to hang out at the Iredell Estate, she would've certainly appreciated the "livable glamour" Andrews said Jenner was looking for at her own place. 


According to Zillow, one of the stunning rooms has an "HD/THX theater with a 12-foot screen — the perfect setting for binge watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians." They have to at least screen the premiers and finales, right? Perhaps the new owner will host some KUWTK viewing parties — you never know. If the buyer wasn't sold on the house because of its appearances on the reality show, there's a chance the estate's cameos on Rome, Entourage, or even True Blood sweetened the deal.

The incredible kitchens (yes, kitchens plural)

Most people are probably pretty satisfied when a home comes with one kitchen, but the Palace of Dreams offers two. There's indoor and outdoor "chef's kitchens," Zillow reports. The indoor gourmet kitchen is especially something to behold. From multiple stainless steel Viking ranges to the granite-topped island, it's about as opulent as a kitchen can get. And that's before you even notice that those aren't pendants hanging above the large center island. No, those would be two glistening chandeliers. The kitchen extends out to a breakfast room with enough seating for six. Although there's a wine cellar, you'd also be able to choose a bottle of vino from the wine fridge or the racks beside it. 


When the weather's nice — which, in LA, is basically always — you can head outside to the other kitchen where you'll really feel like you're in Tuscany. Surrounded by manicured gardens and the tops of mature trees, you'd probably never want to leave.

It's pool party-ready

What good would a decked-out palace be if didn't feature a swimming pool, right? Thankfully, the Iredell Estate not only has a stunning saltwater swimming pool, but also a jacuzzi. In the shaded backyard, you'll also notice several Italian-style fountains and a couple of waterfalls cascading from a stucco retaining wall.


As impressive as the palace's pool undoubtedly is, Kim Kardashian's actual pool is even more grand. Construction began in late summer 2018 and, according to building permits obtained by TMZ, it is gigantic. Like, seriously huge. A standard pool is about 20 feet wide by 30 feet long, but Kim and Kanye West's pool is a whopping 30 feet longer than is standard. Of course, their home is valued at $60 million as opposed to the $5.2 million spent on the Palace of Dreams, so it's hard to be too disappointed by this Tuscan-inspired saltwater swimming pool.

The spa-like bath

You've seen master bathrooms, but have you ever laid your eyes on anything quite like this one? It's okay, you can take as long as you need to ogle. We'll wait.

Okay, now let's break this down. For one thing, you can't even see the toilet, which, you know, if you really had to go that might be a bad thing. What you probably do notice right away is that there's a carved wooden chaise. In the bathroom. You might also spy an Italian statue and multiple chandeliers — a common theme throughout this extraordinary palace.


There are also some practical pieces in this master bath. Check out that large wall-mounted mirror, which is vital for those OOTD selfies. There's also a soaking tub — because that is a necessity in a $5 mil home, for sure. And, toward the back of the bathroom, there sits a vanity with another large mirror and bright overhead lighting — for perfect makeup application, naturally. This "spa-like bath," as the listing dubs it, is nothing short of spectacular.

There's an additional eight bathrooms hiding in here

We know you're worried about finding a toilet in this place, but if you can't find the one in the master bath, it's okay. There's an additional eight bathrooms throughout the palace. You wouldn't be able to swing a stick without hitting one. Kris Jenner's real house in Hidden Hills, California, also has a staggering amount of bathrooms. According to an InStyle interview with her interior designer, Jeff Andrews, her home features eight of them total — just one less commode than her fictional abode.


Although Jenner's master bath looks more modern, she, too, has a multifunctional bathroom. It's part makeup room, walk-in closet, and sitting room — though it doesn't quite have the same "spa-like" feel as the fake KUWTK home. The real estate listing for the Iredell Estate doesn't show off all nine of its bathrooms, but given the overarching Tuscan theme, you can imagine they look similar to the master bath, albeit a little less extravagant.

Your choice of seven bedrooms

Getting some beauty rest is easy at the Palace of Dreams thanks to its seven bedrooms. Even if the Tuscan look is not quite your style, it would be easy to get some shuteye in the cozy master bedroom. The four-poster bed faces incredible views of California's rolling hills, and you can't miss the familiar glitzy chandelier that's suspended from the ceiling. In a large room with high, vaulted ceilings, you'd be happy to have the rustic brick fireplace at your feet.


Just like in the master bathroom, a chaise provides a space to take a break. After walking around your nearly 8,000-square-foot house, you'd probably need it. According to the listing, the master bedroom also has its own private patio and two walk-in closets. Oh, and that "spa-like" bathroom? It's ensuite. Additionally, the master has its own private access to the pool and jacuzzi area.

Don't forget to look up

There are plenty of places for your eyes to wander when looking at this estate, but did you happen to look up at the ceilings? From the tray ceilings in the sitting room to the hand-plastered Venetian ceilings in the master bedroom, every room has its own incredible detailing overhead. That's true even of the outdoor spaces. Well, any of the ones that have ceilings, of course. One outdoor seating area features dark wooden planks while another features a lighter, more rustic style ceiling.


Notice the mural painted on the ceiling in the master bath. According to Zillow, all of the murals in the home, including the ornate one on the ensuite's ceiling, were "hand-painted by local artist Giorgio Tuscani." And this artist's work fetches for some big bucks. In 2008, one of his original paintings, "Only One Illuminates My Soul III," sold for $75,000. And to have his work just chilling on your ceiling? Well, that's pretty impressive. You just have to hope the roof never leaks.

The palace was a bargain

When the Iredell Estate originally went on the market in late 2007, it was listed for $12 million. Of course, that was right about when the housing market collapsed. By early 2008, the price was lowered to just under $10 million, but it continued to sit. After a pattern of taking it off the market, relisting it, and decreasing the price plenty of times over the years, it still carried a hefty price tag of around $8 million until 2011. The asking price would continue to bounce around for the next several years, but someone finally put an offer on the estate when it was listed at just under $6.5 million. The buyer got quite the deal, as it sold for $5.2 million.


Although that doesn't exactly make it cheap by any means, that's close to $7 million less expensive than its original asking price years earlier. That makes this place a real steal for one lucky millionaire. 

The buyer has some great neighbors

It's not public knowledge who ended up buying the KUWTK estate, but whoever it was certainly has some amazing new neighbors. The Iredell Estate is located in a section of Studio City, California that the listing called "the prestigious and exclusive celebrity filled Fryman Canyon." And that's completely accurate. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the iconic Brady Bunch house is just three houses down from the KUWTK mansion. Today, celebs like Lucy Liu, Bruno Mars, and George Clooney call Fryman Canyon their home.


"It's very popular among celebrities, and that has been the case since we moved here in 1986," resident and attorney Jeffrey Loeb told the publication. Real estate agent Jonathan Ruiz explained, "I refer to it as a buy-and-die neighborhood, and it is rare that things come on the market." Luckily for the owner or owners of the "fake" KUWTK home, they found their Palace of Dreams.