General Hospital Alum Alicia Leigh Willis Lives Her Best Farm Life

Alicia Leigh Willis made a splash when she debuted as Courtney Matthews on "General Hospital" back in 2001. As Sonny Corinthos' sister, Courtney had relationships with A.J. Quartermaine (Sean Kanan), Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), Jax Jacks (Ingo Rademacher), and Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) before dying of encephalitis in 2006 after giving birth to her son, Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez). Willis has returned to Port Charles a few times as a ghost to assist her family, but she's successfully moved on and gone on to star in various series and films since her soap opera days.

However, work isn't the only thing Willis has pursued since leaving "General Hospital" all those years ago. After getting engaged to her fiance, race car driver Tanner Foust, in 2022, the couple decided to leave their city life behind and move somewhere a little less chaotic. Finally, the couple landed on a farm in Colorado, and they couldn't be happier to be living their best life. "With Tanner's roots here & Alicia's desire to spread out and start a farm, it felt like coming home," the couple announced on Instagram.

Alicia Leigh Willis and Tanner Foust are proud to call Colorado home

Alicia Leigh Willis and her fiance Tanner Foust started their farm life in August 2023, when they settled in Colorado in their new place, aptly named Foust Farms. Their decision to end up in Colorado might seem confusing to some people, but in an Instagram video, the couple explained what led them to this place.

"We get asked all the time how we chose Colorado. It's probably my fault, actually," said Foust, who graduated from the University of Colorado. "I lived here for 20 years before moving out west and — you know, we looked at Utah, we looked at Arizona, we looked at other places where we could get some space and thankfully landed on a familiar place."

While Colorado might be where Foust feels most at home, Willis doesn't feel out of place one bit on the farm. In fact, the Georgia native is just as enthusiastic as Foust is to be where they are. In the same video, she added, "I love it." In another post, she backed up her feelings of awe at their new home, writing, "I am constantly stunned by the beauty of this place."

Willis is excited by the little things about farm life

It's not only the gorgeous scenery of her new home that has former "General Hospital" star Alicia Leigh Willis excited about her move to Colorado. Since starting up the farm with her husband Tanner Foust, the couple have since started raising pygmy goats together and added chickens into the mix in September 2023. In late November 2023, Willis went straight to social media to let her followers know through an Instagram post that something very exciting had happened that morning.

"Breaking news!" She wrote in the caption. "We got our first egg this morning! It's the little things that bring me so much joy lately. I had just taken Tanner to the airport for his next race. This was a good pick me up." In the video, she showed off her discovery, adding, "I can almost make an omelet."

Even though her husband was not there to witness the news with her, that didn't dampen Willis' spirit as she embraced farm life and delighted in the progress she had made. It seems like country life suits the Willis-Foust family just right.