Meghan Markle Gives Subtle Sign She's Ready To Reconcile With King Charles

The rift between the royal family and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has shown few signs of ending anytime soon. But there's perhaps been a subtle signal from Meghan in her choice of accessory that suggests she'd be happy to do her part to repair the relationship with her father-in-law, King Charles III.

The duchess was spotted recently in Santa Barbara, California, wearing a diamond tennis bracelet that Charles reportedly gifted to her before her 2018 wedding to Harry. If things were truly and irrevocably broken between daughter-in-law and father-in-law, it seems unlikely that Meghan would be publicly wearing an expensive gift from Charles.

Meghan was seen wearing what seems to be the same bracelet the day before her nuptials to the Duke of Sussex, at Cliveden House Hotel. The former "Suits" star also donned the pricey piece during her first royal tour, when she and Harry visited Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and the Kingdom of Tonga — a pretty big milestone! Clearly, it means something to her.

Meghan could be supporting her father-in-law from afar

The Duchess of Sussex wearing the tennis bracelet that her father-in-law gave her could also be seen as a subtle sign of support for the king, who has been having a bit of a rough week when it comes to the media. "Endgame," Omid Scobie's latest book about the royal family, revived the story of certain members questioning how dark-skinned Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first baby, Archie, would be. It initially came up in the bombshell interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Oprah Winfrey in 2021. 

The celebrity couple haven't named any names, though a Dutch version of "Endgame," which was pulled from shelves, purportedly included at least one. The royals in question were outed shortly after as King Charles III and Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, according to The Independent, with Piers Morgan also naming them on TV. 

There's been no word yet from the Sussexes, whom Scobie previously confirmed to People are still in touch with Charles, but Prince William and Kate were asked if they watched Morgan's show when they arrived on the red carpet for the Royal Variety Performance. They ignored the question and didn't make any further comments about the situation. Charles and Queen Camilla haven't commented either, but it's likely being heavily discussed behind the scenes.