What Does It Mean When You Dream About Waves?

Dreams have fascinated experts from various fields for centuries. Renowned psychologist Carl Jung emphasized the symbolic nature of dreams, believing they could offer insights into the collective unconscious and archetypal symbols. Harvard University psychiatrists J. Allen Hobson and Robert McCarley formed the Activation-Synthesis Theory in 1977. It proposes that during REM sleep, random brain activation creates dreams, and the brain synthesizes stories to make sense of them. No matter why the mind produces them, there are countless common themes within dreams, with waves being a well-documented point of interest. 

Like all imaginings, those involving waves are neither intrinsically good nor harmful. Dream interpretation can be influenced by the dream's setting, a person's individual experiences, and the feelings connected to the vision. Nevertheless, those about waves are rooted in symbolism and even different religions. Although interpretations of these nocturnal visions may vary, it is thought that seeing high waters can have a wide range of meanings. 

Waves can indicate different emotional states

Dreaming of waves can be seen as a visual representation of where one's feelings lie. Furthermore, the ferocity of the ripples is also believed to have different meanings, depending on one's belief system. For instance, seeing calmer waves in your sleep can be seen as a representation of emotional stability and tranquility. Additionally, the water's stillness may indicate one's desire for or achievement of inner peace. It could signify that you are in a positive and content state of mind. However, quite the opposite is thought of dreams that incorporate large waves and choppy waters.

Within the dream interpretation community, envisioning a tsunami when sleeping is looked at as a tell-tell sign that anxiety is high. As Dream Christ explains, since tides are typically seen as an uncontrollable act of nature, they can manifest the same way in your nightly visions. Large swells of water could be a metaphor for impending difficulties or barriers in your everyday life that may be beyond your control. Thus, a dream may be accepted as a message to prepare for impending changes or a challenging circumstance, hence the term "Anxiety Dream." These types of dreams can reveal much about your health, as they are common among people experiencing sleep disorders or PTSD, Choosing Therapy explains. Deep breathing exercises throughout the day can help alleviate such dreams and may get rid of the waves for good.

Religion interprets waves in several different ways

In the biblical sense, seeing waves can be a positive thing. While seeing large waves in your dreams can indicate unrest, the Bible believes they can also be a reminder of a higher power. Several verses throughout the Bible cover the implications of waves. As Psychic Blaze journalist Walter Jones explains, Psalm chapter 89, verse nine reads, "You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them." Therefore, the waves can serve as a reminder to "Keep God at the center of your life, everything will eventually work out in the end."

Hinduism strongly emphasizes the cyclical aspect of life, and waves are viewed as a sign of change because of their constant ebb and flow. Ripples in dreams may represent the necessity of adjusting to life's ups and downs and the certainty of change. In the Hindu faith, visions of high waves are believed to be a warning sign that impending troubles are ahead. However, those in a happy place in their lives but still dreaming of tall waters are taken as possibly being okay with the turmoil. Ultimately, dreaming about tides can be seen in various ways. Whether you look at your experience through a religious or emotional view, the meaning is likely unique to you and your current circumstances.