Jen Shah And Elizabeth Holmes Became Fast Friends Behind Bars

At first glance, "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star Jen Shah and entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes don't appear to have much in common. However, these controversial women have both been embroiled in high-profile fraud cases. Shah was accused and ultimately convicted of running a telemarketing scheme that defrauded primarily elderly victims by selling them an array of products and services that did not exist. Holmes was accused and convicted of conspiring to defraud investors through her blood testing technology company, Theranos, which claimed that it could perform a wide range of medical tests using smaller drops of blood, though this was not true. Since then, she and Shah have developed a connection.

As fate would have it, both women are being housed at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas. As a result, they have had an opportunity to get acquainted, even bonding over hobbies they both use to pass time behind bars. With Shah still maintaining her looks through makeup tutorials and exercise, Holmes has sought the Bravo star's expertise.

Holmes attended Shah's prison workout class

Shah is staying in shape by leading fitness classes. In fact, the glamorous "RHOSLC" wife is so dedicated to her workout routine that she has launched her own exercise program called "Shah-mazing." Her manager, Chris Giovanni, told Page Six in November 2023 that Shah's class consists of specialized ab-workouts. "All the ladies started coming up to her on the yard, and they would do workout segments," Giovanni explained.

One of the women who participates in the "Shah-mazing" routine is her prison mate, Elizabeth Holmes. "Elizabeth [Holmes] attended with other inmates, and it's become a thing in there. Jen Fonda, that's her nickname in there," Giovanni revealed. Helping Holmes tone up her abs is an excellent way for both ladies to improve over the coming years. Shah was sentenced to 6 ½ years behind bars, while Holmes received over 11 years in prison for her crimes, though her sentence has since been reduced to nine years.

Shah is scheduled to come home before Holmes

While the workout buddies seem to be getting along great, Jen Shah will likely come home earlier than Elizabeth Holmes. With Shah receiving a lighter sentence for her fraud case, her release date is July 2028, which is five years after she began her sentence in February 2023, meaning she will not have to serve her entire penalty. However, Holmes will probably be in her position a bit longer. Even with a shortened term, she is scheduled to come home in December 2032, several years after her reality television pal.

It's unknown what else Holmes is up to in prison. However, inside the low-level security facility, most newer inmates start off working in the kitchen. It has been speculated that Holmes may resort to teaching business or other professional classes at some point, which could prepare her for a career after her incarceration. Either way, Shah and Holmes being public figures could've helped forge their friendship, which will hopefully last beyond the prison gates.