Shannon Beador Speaks Out On Ex John Janssen's New Romance With Former Housewife

News of Shannon Beador's break-up with long-time boyfriend John Janssen made headlines in 2022, stunning those who followed their relationship drama throughout Season 17 of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." The two had been together three-and-half-years before Janssen broke things off only a week after filming had wrapped for the show's latest season.

Now, the stunningly transformed Beador is speaking out about her ex's new and unexpected relationship with former "RHOC" star Alexis Bellino, who appeared on the Bravo show during Seasons 5 through 8. "I'm not going to lie, I've been hurt," Beador told E! News. "I've been hurt a lot in the last couple of weeks because, No. 1, John said that he didn't want to be in the public eye, and he's thrust himself more into the public eye at this point. So, I'm quite confused about that."

The budding romance between Bellino and Janssen was confirmed to E! News in early December following Bellino's split from fiancé Andy Bohn. "Things are still very new and they're not using terms like boyfriend and girlfriend at this time," a source told the outlet. "But they're enjoying the companionship and happiness they bring to each other's lives."

Shannon Beador was sued by Alexis Bellino's ex-husband

Outside of John Janssen's controversial decision to date a "Real Housewives of Orange County alum," Shannon Beador points to her rocky history with Alexis Bellino and her ex-husband Jim Bellino as another reason why the news of the relationship was so hurtful. In 2018, Jim pursued a defamation lawsuit against Beador and her former "RHOC" co-star Tamra Judge following negative comments the two made about his trampoline park business.

The case against Beador was dismissed in 2020, with the court awarding her $137,340.25 of the $220,000 she requested for legal fees, but the entire ordeal was still extremely taxing. "John is very well aware of a lawsuit that I was involved in with Jim Bellino, and Alexis was involved in that lawsuit," the "RHOC"star told E! News. "I was financially and emotionally devastated for years. And I won. But it devastated me financially. And I'm a single mom. John's aware of that."

Beador and Alexis were also rumored to have engaged in a verbal altercation back in September, but Beador denies these claims. "I don't know her," the TV personality stated. "She said that I screamed obscenities at her across the bar on my unfortunate night, which I didn't, and I have witnesses to prove that. If you're going to say things about me, let's talk about the truth."

Alexis Bellino doesn't see an issue with her budding romance

Shannon Beador isn't the only one who has spoken out about John Janssen's new romance with a former Real Housewife. While Beador has made her confusion and hurt clear, Alexis Bellino sees no issue with her budding romance. Both women have appeared on "The Real Housewives of Orange County," but their time on the series never really overlapped, with Beador joining the cast after Bellino's final season.

Though the Missouri native did return for a Season 14 episode, she points out that she and Beador never filmed together or even interacted. "There is no girl code that's going on here," she said during an interview with Access Hollywood in early December. "I've never met Shannon. I've never said hi to Shannon. I've never filmed with Shannon. I've never been her friend. I don't owe her anything. But I do not wish her ill."

Despite the drama that has ensued following the new relationship between Janssen and Bellino, we're confident that Beador will overcome her feelings of betrayal. As she told The Messenger, "I'm strong and I'll get through whatever I need to do."