Why TikTok Went Wild Over Paris Hilton Changing Her Son's Diaper

Paris Hilton has completely transformed. In the 2000s, she was making headlines as a hard-partying socialite with a "dumb blonde" persona on her reality show "The Simple Life" known for her catchphrase "That's hot." Now she's co-founded her own company — 11:11 Media — and she's a married mother of two. But she's still getting plenty of attention and this time it's on TikTok and it's about her changing her son Phoenix's diaper. More specifically, how long it was before she first changed Phoenix's diaper.

TikTok videos of Paris have gone viral for the reveal that she'd never before changed her son's diaper, even though he was a month old. The footage is from Season 2 of her reality show "Paris in Love" on Peacock, and it shows her introducing her then one-month-old son Phoenix to her sister Nicky Hilton. Paris says she's scared to change his diaper, to which Nicky asks, "You've never done it?" To which Paris replies, "No." 

There appears to be a nanny in the background keeping a watchful eye on the situation. So it appears that Phoenix may have had his diaper only changed by a nanny during his first month in the world. And, of course, people had a lot to say on social media.

Some thought Paris Hilton was showing her privilege

Nicky Hilton and a woman — presumably the nanny — talk Paris Hilton through the process in the two-minute video that has been making the rounds on TikTok. And people are calling out Paris in the comments for her admission that she'd never before changed Phoenix's diaper. One said, "Rich people are so out of touch with reality. This is real sad." Another wrote, "The nanny saying 'Don't forget to talk to him' is heartbreaking."

Some pointed out that even her sister Nicky, who grew up in the same privilege as Paris, seemed surprised that her sister hadn't ever done it before. "Clearly, it's not a money thing [because] her sister is looking at her appalled," someone noted.

It was a big moment, though admittedly perhaps an unexpected one, for Nicky to be there for, but Paris probably appreciated it. Paris has talked about how important her family has been to her as she's become a mom. "I'm always calling my mom and my sister for advice," Paris told People, "and I'm really lucky that I'm so close with my family, so I have such a big support group."

Others supported Paris Hilton as she figures out being a mom

Others came out in the TikTok comments to support Paris Hilton in the videos of her changing son Phoenix's diaper for the first time. "If I had the funds...I wouldn't have changed a diaper for a month either," someone wrote. One said, "After watching the whole season, I think she wants kids to give them a childhood she didn't get but is too scared to do something wrong/mess them up."

In another episode of Peacock's "Paris in Love," we see Paris speaking to a therapist about being a mother and her concerns that perhaps the nanny might know better than she does. "It doesn't matter how many babies [the nanny's] raised, that's your baby," the therapist told Paris. "You're the expert on your child." While imposter syndrome might come up more often in career settings, it applies to motherhood too. While no one can know how Paris is truly feeling, it seems like it would be validating for the mom to get support in her doubts about motherhood.

If you take a look at Paris's TikTok channel, you'll see that she's posted a lot of videos of her and her kids. In one video, in which she's playing peek-a-boo with Phoenix, someone commented, "Paris Hilton's tiktok is like any mom's Facebook page 10 [years] ago and I'm so happy for her." We're happy for her too!