The Hilarious Way Theo James Met His Wife Ruth Kearney

Before British actor Theo James was a cast member of "The White Lotus" Season 2 and starred in "The Time Traveler's Wife" TV series, he was a student at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. James and his wife, actor Ruth Kearney, even met there. While James is more well-known due to his time in the "Divergent" franchise, both actors have found demonstrable success in their careers. The couple even collaborated on a project, "Sanditon."

In a 2020 interview with the Evening Standard, James discussed how he and Kearney studied together at the renowned theater school. When the interviewer asked if they met during a strange acting exercise where the students pretended to be animals, James responded with a laugh, "Yeah! Being frogs. We did all that animal s***." Although it's possible that he was exaggerating the truth of how they met for comedic effect, it's still a hilarious image. 

James also had plenty of lovely things to say about Kearney in his interview, in general, gushing, "She's very sanguine, thoughtful and funny. It made sense pretty early on." The actor added that it can be difficult having a relationship as a well-known actor: "That can be really hard at times, but also that [brings] certain strengths [to] a relationship which helps us being together long term." Clearly, though, these two have figured out the secret to making it work.

James and Kearney mostly keep quiet about their relationship

While some celebs regularly say sweet things about their significant others neither Theo James nor Ruth Kearney tends to open up too much about their relationship. However, Kearney will sometimes share posts on Instagram that feature James (and often him and their daughter). She also potentially offered a glimpse into their relationship during an interview with ISSUE magazine

When asked what she's passionate about, Kearney presumably included James when she said, "I'm passionate about the people I love." The Irish actor also expressed passion for her career, naturally. When the outlet asked for a list of "turn-ons" and "turnoffs," Kearney's "turn-ons" were "Humour and kindness," likely implying that these are qualities James possesses. 

After all, anyone ready to follow along with animal-themed acting exercises has to have a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at themselves. James confirmed in a "Don't Read the Comments" video, with Men's Health, that he and Kearney got married in Tuscany, Italy after being asked to choose between there and Sicily. He's also been open about how parenthood has changed him. 

James confirmed parenthood made him 'a much more solid person'

While promoting "The Time Traveler's Wife," in 2022, Theo James was interviewed by InStyle and spoke a bit more about his relationship with Ruth Kearney. He noted that they originally met in their twenties, but admitted that if he and his wife time-traveled to the ages they were when they met, "She wouldn't want to hang out with that guy." As the "Divergent" star elaborated, "He did dumb stuff and was stupid and angry. It's so true in a way; you evolve constantly."

James expressed how he had changed from the guy he used to be. He and Kearney got married in 2018 and became parents in 2021. They have one daughter, and fatherhood is part of what has changed James over time because it helped him see what matters in life. The actor told the outlet, "It's discombobulating at first. Especially with your first child because your whole life changes, but ultimately it makes you — definitely for me, at least — a much more solid person."